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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Empress

Major Arcana Card Number 3

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SHE is the full woman, embued with the secrets of the Virgin (Card 2) and ripe with the solar penetration of the initiated male. SHE is the conscious woman… wise, benevolent, serene, knowing, and powerful of HerSelf. From the multi-elemental skillful energy of the Magician (Card 1), through the secret universal laws the High Priestess guards within, to the preserver and giver of life HerSelf, the Empress is regally connected to both Earth and Heaven and is the perfect match for The Emperor (Card 4) to come…next.

States Richard Gardener in Evolution through the Tarot, “She is the bountiful mother, the controlling feminine influence, her control emanates primarily from the subconscious level in her, to influence her mate and her young… Card 3 is of course the more complete female. Her being has been impregnated by the Solar energy from the male, introducing into her primarily water and Lunar being, greater powers of warmth, understanding, kindness and forgiveness.” We all want to feel her nurturing wise-woman presence; through Her love and care we are naturally given the foundation for healthy growth and success in life.