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Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Hierophant

Card 5 of the Major Arcana

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Card 5 of the major arcane of the traditional tarot represents a further step along the evolutionary path, beyond The Magician, The Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor… Sometimes called the Pope, this stage in the progress of the Soul represents a conscious attempt to connect with formal spiritual or religious teachings in order that the individual progress from the previous stages on the path on to the next, The Lovers, or Choice. With the stage of The Hierophant, the man/woman/seeker aspires to expand her understanding and experience of the spiritual realm in order to progress toward self-mastery. Of course on our spiritual paths, each of us will encounter many challenges and rewards and the sought after “teachings” will provide some guidance as to how the soul may progress and show there is a commitment to the evolutionary process through seeking higher understanding and practice of universal law.

“Whenever one is talking about religion one is talking about emotion, or the Force that works through the emotions. One could say religion is, or should be, a school for the emotions. …It is by the fullest self-expression that we grow. By this means we enlarge our circle of being….The crosses on the various pars of the card signify male and female essences co-joined in ecstasy, thereby giving the knowledge and increase of conscious that can come from the ideal blending of two essences….Card 5 is well placed, preceding Card 6, Love, because any earnest seeker will find that God is Love.” – from Evolution Through the Tarot by Richard Gardener

In the photo (taken in Chania, Crete, by Linda Cohen) it is easy to see the aspirant has traveled to a place of pilgrimage and stands before “the authority” to receive knowledge and wisdom from which she will continue on her path.

Suggested flower essences: Purple Monkeyflower, Lotus, Angelica, Star Tulip, Lady’s Slipper, Lavender, Mountain Pennyroyal