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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Lovers

The Lovers - Card 6

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The Tarot revels itself, a circle of the soul’s evolution from our innocent open Godlike nature (The Fool), through the sequential energy forms which follow in specific order, full round to The Universe or World (Card 21) and is ultimately reborn into The Fool again. These archetypical images or superconscious symbols have come down through time, a full esoteric system for self-revelation and insight into the deeper workings of life’s Mysteries.

Card 6, The Lovers, represents CHOICE and is a major departure from the rites and initiations of the previous five major arcana card/forms. In most traditional decks, the image is of a young man with two women, one on either side of him. Through the young man’s posture and body language and gaze, it is clear he has chosen the one woman he FEELS (like a charged magnet) is right for him, his LOVER…..where he prepares himself for the next stage/ card 7, The Chariot.

This is a heart choice and knows no reason nor purpose nor design other than the complete and selfless blending of two energy forms into ONE – an entirely new BEING born of the mysterious alchemy of love on this high vibrational level (many choose love for the “wrong” reasons, many cannot feel their heart’s true call, yet).

Love as choice, conscious SEX and the benefits thereof, along with the divine rite of passage to a “higher” or more fully expressed “energetic form” – The Lovers represents a major evolutionary step forward in the circle of life/soul… the I becomes WE and the WE becomes a generator for bringing/transmitting more “LOVE” into universal being on all levels. Fire and Water blend, weave, intertwine, where consciousness expands and love radiates from “them” for all to feel and enjoy the benefits of this highly charged essence. Love is a miracle. True love is a miracle which acts as a detonating device for both personal and universal expansion on all levels.


The photo of 2 yellow crocuses was taken by Linda Cohen when visiting Delphi, Greece, October 2006, seeking guidance on her “Lover.” Asking the oracle, “Will I find true love in this life time?”