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Monday, May 17, 2010

Exchange for Evolution

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> > >> From: Gina
> > >> To: Linda Cohen
> > >> Date: 5/15/2010 8:31:12 PM
> > >> Subject: Re: Tomorrow's Circle for the New Moon
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> > Linda,
> > You know Saturn is back in Virgo for a quick visit!!!! And Saturn is in
> >opposition to Uranus & Jupiter. And there is a big T-square.
> >Are you facing radical change, or unsettling circumstances that are
> forcing you to re-think. I'm asking this of a fellow Saturn in Virgo girl.
> I am facing some very tough situations, and I was just wondering if you
> were too.
> Love you bunches. Have a great night.
> I wrote this while I was in Atlanta, but was unable to send it on, I
> just got back home...went to an amazing psychic, an old friend, so I'm
> feeling
> > > much more potent and energized ready to fight dragons and prevail.
> > >> Love you more than you know...g AKA flowerperson
> > >>The smells of flowers in Atlanta on the soft air is so profound...
I love the south in the spring.

> > On May 16, 2010, at 10:23 AM, Linda Cohen wrote:

> >
> > > I am so in the middle of this with everything. I won't be repping for
> FES after this month, they're hiring a big pro marketing team for the
> Midwest and North East; and it's gonna be a change but it's gonna be
better for
> me; for me to move to the next level, which is already happening. I've been
doing a
five day cleanse through Organic Avenue and finished yesterday, The old
ugly smelly shit from the past has literally erupted with my children
> and the baby and my mother. Pretty much we're in a big change - cleanse.
> Scary. I do feel very strongly to do my Buddhist practices, centering
> but must stay true to who I am because taking abuse from them, even tho
> old stuff, it's past! Now's the time to move through my fears and my angers, i
> don't want to get stuck in old patters and I do want to CREATE new
ones... I
> want to write more and dance more. Thanks for letting me know this;
> to take the emotional charge off it. I have a few affirmations:
> OM. All is well in my world.
> OM. I am filled with radiant create energy and beauty.
> OM. I am one. One. (I'm redoing ann's prosperity program and that's
> helping me. But it's a volcanic - Goddess Pele - eruption in progress as
I write.
-----cherry with Saturn in Virgo
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> > From: Gina
> > To: Linda Cohen
> > Date: 5/16/2010 10:44:07 AM
> > Subject: Re: Gina Baneena
> >
> > Man, it's big!
> > I know exactly what you are talking about...but I am going to
> am going to re-invent and re-create and remain beautiful and vital. I'm
> not sure how yet, but I feel the energy.
> Last week, I found out my immediate boss, a black woman, who is afraid of
> me, has hired a young black woman to take my job without telling me! Sort
> of Sucks...doesn't it. Fortunately, i have bigger wigs that understand
my contribution...but it
> is still going to be a (I don't want to use the word fight) a
> re-investment...I love being right! Think of the Ace of Swords. Think
of the Empress!
> >
> > My friend Hillary, the psychic, said think of it (the knowledge) as a
> gift from the Universe, you know, you can respond differently now, and its
> time to do more, I am a tested power player, negotiator, path finder,
> producer...that's is what I am meant to be. So be it. Invent your job
> go after the money to do your job. Be creative.
> > This Virgo Saturn Return is the end of the old way of's
> We are new women, we are stepping in to new life. The apprenticeship is
> over.
> >
> > It's funny, i don't feel the end of FES happening for you. The
> way is over! I'm surprised they don't know this. They want to grow, but
> what cost. Interesting to mull.
> > I'm telling you Columbine flower essence is a treat. And I'm going to dip into the
> Oat. I've lost my pendulum, which has me totally dis-spirited and sad. I
> hope it turns up.
> > Sister, I'm givin' you a high five...we will prevail undiminished!
> Love...g

> [Original Message]
> From: Linda Cohen
> To: Gina
> Date: 5/16/2010 10:57:13 AM
> Subject: Re: Gina Baneena
> True my darlin - the time is here. and it's exciting and it's fun with
> view you mentioned :-) all this shit is coming up for releasing and we
> don't have to let it "suffer" us as in the past....I'm doing a lot dry
> brushing, great healing products, the organic ave cleanse and my
> affirmation from ann's book is I AM ONE. Dig it. I dig it. I'm taking a
> lot of cleansing essences, alaskan glaciers and i was taking a lot of
> sagebrush, also am taking blackberry blazing star, fireweed combo!!! very
> helpful and when i need it chalice well and some lilies i got at flower
> power. - i don't think i'm done with FES either but the repping is a thing
> of the past...i need to make some bucks, reach a broader population with my work,...on into the challenge of the day
> spirit warrior. good thing we have the flowers and each other :-)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Living Goddess




I rose to find white flowers
I rose at Springtime, dawn –
My gardenia heart
My –
Scorpio moon full
Rose, with petals
of ivory bliss.
I rose fair into new
Season, I reached
for winged Isis Light –
Incandescent, healing, nurturing
Rainbow translucent skin
Pure, fresh, refreshing
new skin.
Rose I….into the Garden
Rose from the dark silty mud –
And we are now Blue
Lotus shallops ~~~
Emitting Dakini Love.
Therein our pleasured
Inspiration –
I rise now to meet
the rose –
You mean so much to me precious
naked sacred soul.

Our Goddess Circle, nine women presently, studying, and aspiring to embody “higher” qualities of different Goddesses throughout all time and space, has nearly completed its second year of practice… though SHE has been with me since I can remember. Before that too, I am certain.

I can remember. Feeling HER. Awestruck, pulsing midnight sapphire skies with twinkling silver stars making skyroglyphs across the heavens; playing in the mossy woods where my family’d go for summer vacations in The White Mountains of New Hampshire, rolling in the fresh brown soil with stately, creepy crawly, Daddy Long Legs spiders; dangling my nine-year-old dirt-dusty summer feet in clear cold running brooks ‘neath mantles of wise old evergreens; frogs croaking in tongues & shimmering rainbow messenger dragonflies like sci fi angels traversing planes with radar secrets. Later in autumn’s harvest time, the dark starless mystery of All Hallow’s Eve, Day of the Dead, wearing splendidly colored Chinese red, Turkish gold, Aegean blue silk “veils” as the icing on my Halloween costumes (belly dancer’s still my favorite). Me and my sister being hot and cold in the high winter sunlight searching for sea shells on ever-blue stretches of Miami Beach island visiting Nana and Papa, whose house had three coconut trees towering the front lawn, drinking the sweet clear nutty water, crescent shells where I might hear echoes of far off Tahiti, Bora Bora, half lives of sonar vibrations coursing the Great Mother’s womb… whispering through magic spirit-networks; and seasons later, donning real beige silk stockings with lacy garter belts for my junior high school proms. Times of free-form dancing to all manner of music. And entrancing tribal drumming… feeling the changing seasons inside my quixotic moods, in the poetry of my romance thoughts, dreams of vivid astral colors, the dark red goddess-blood of my first initiation. Communing, praying to La Luna Bella - all phases of Her moony cycle;

Our Goddess Circle’s tales of Isis magic and protection; Sophia wisdom; Aphrodite beauty; Athena strength; Demeter’s mothering Persephone and bringing forth the cultivation of grain which moved us light years forward - from hunter/gatherers - to farmers, keeping animals …to spiritual practice, bearing witness, learning to “let it go” (still lots more here!), releasing stinging fear-based judgments, honoring The Earth & Mother Nature, being real about how I feel and not judging my feelings, forgiving myself and others for not being perfect… in our way’s perfection, practicing compassion. The story of where we come from begins with such a great and powerful MYSTERY. The story is ineffable. But we try to sense the whole from what we gather of the parts.

BOTH the male energy divine and the female energy divine, active and receptive, fire and water, yang and yin, intellectual and intuitive, filler and filled – ARE INHERINTLY NECESSARY FOR ALL CREATION – and that which we seek now, has always been sought - - - even when “we” as pre-historic wo/man, as early civilizations, now and always, at the very core…. waded our way through instinct and desire --- seeking the essential BALANCE. The constant everlasting weaving of the male and female energies, consciousnesses - to spin out Creation, to not burn up in the dry FIRE of intellect and disrespect for Nature, nor drown in WATER’S uncontrollable emotional power…as it ever IS…. The patterns we make inside the chaos; the chaos which is the pattern.

Male and the female energy inside us…seeking balance, harmony, creative self-expression and CONNECTION. We do so much, we work so hard, we set big goals, try to master and manage our emotions, use and abuse time – faster, faster, going, gone. Then try to slow down. Meditate. Watch spring tulips sing their gorgeous blooming newness-hues, pink velvet petals laced with saffron, plumed hearts opening to Sky’s delighted vastness stretching from the cold of last winter toward the prickly heat of a new summer’s coming. And how do we find meaning? Sustain meaning? Share meaningfulness with others?

Mary, Jesus, it takes so much “centering” for me to feel okay. I am in constant waver between feeling “on” and wondering where that expansive feeling flees to when it, for little apparent reason, departs and I must reup with my yoga, dry skin brushing, I Ching tosses, tarot spread, walks in the Park, diet, daydreams, actions and soothing knowledge that there are infinite new beginnings inside of me. Inside us all. “Breathe, Love, Repeat” is the name of a one-woman show one of my students is performing tonight in the West Village. Sister Suzen, that says it all.

To stay on track, what I call my “Starpath” or higher destiny, I recently completed a three-month Artist’s Way course with Julia Cameron at The New York Open Center. Julia is a master at unblocking creative energy with spiritual tools like long walks, writing “morning pages” in stream of consciousness - to clear for the coming day, giving ourselves artist’s dates (going it alone to do something inspiring or fun to create adventure, inspiration), breaking the every day to day ruts with silent time, media deprivation, affirmations and KNOWING OUR ART IS ALREADY MANIFEST! We just need to feed ourselves “right” so our art will flow and flower though us. Each day is a blank canvass on which to make our water marks, hieroglyphic shapes, sounds, no sounds.

It is useful and joyful to examine and embody universal Goddess archetypes, SHE (nurturing, earth-honoring, intuitive, compassionate, receptive) we are invoking now for the balance in this winding down “dark age” to birth The Golden Coming. To discover the many forms and faces of Her. In our Circle this past month we delved into Madonna, Virgin Mary. I love the pure, angelic grace and mystery of Mary. This coming month we meet the fiery, quixotic, infinitely creative Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes, of destruction of the old lands and forming of new vistas, always active, ever wondrous.

Maintaining daily “centering” rituals helps me so much. Delighting in taking exquisite flower essences as Mother Nature’s vitamins for the emotions. What we think is how we feel. It’s a never-ending “check in” on what needs course correcting in our lives, cleansings of the stagnant, implantation of the flowing. Love to know your secrets of health! Love to share the journey.

We “Circle” from October through June, one Wednesday evening each month to meet a Goddess and to share our lives. Our “view” is that while we study the Goddess(es) in many origins, myths, histories and interconnections, WE (each of us) ARE LIVING GODDESSES, HOLY BEINGS, MANIFESTATIONS OF THE DIVINE FEMININE…carrying forth the ancient rites of story-telling, sharing, creating, participating in rituals of many forms, meeting “near the moon” as possible. Not to always be happy. Not to always dismay. But to be where we are and feel ourselves inside the Body of expanding Light. This holy act of recognition and reflection brings us joy and upliftment as well as facilitates diving into our shadows for acceptance, to feel whole, not fragmented. We have met The Creten Snake Priestess/Serpentine Goddess, Green Tara from Tibet, Isis, Demeter, Astarte, Inanna, Sheila Na Gig, Lakshmi, Yemaja, Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Kalima, The Blessed Virgin – and have so many more Goddesses to enjoy, embrace, locate in time/space and notime/no space….Yet we already hold the knowledge that in truth there is only one GODDESS, DIVINE FEMINE, with infinite expressions and manifestations. How thrilling to immerse ourselves in this radical pursuit of knowledge, experience and creativity. How joyful and powerful to aspire to navigate Her sacred realms, to have fun and share Being HER.