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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Quick Recoveries

(Photo by Linda Cohen)

Quick Recoveries – Shedding Age-Old Winter Emotional “Stickies” to Claim New Spring Sparkles (at any age)
March 11, 2011: 9:09am Morning Pages~~~

Upshifting into Spring. Pan’s erotic delight. Sweet tart blackberries. Pungent ruby and amethyst grapes. Luscious Sexual Tantric Songs of Pomegranate-Sacred Marriage Rites…Will they be fulfilled? This year? Will Inanna blush? Will the Lingham dare go the full distance inside the moist and fragrant darkness of Her lotus flower? Mystery Cave. Since the Beginning.

~~~What is extraordinary about the golden “Horse Goddess” Rhiannon, with her flaring-nostriled silky-white Mare of light-winged-speed is that She is both woman-wild! as unfettered Mother Nature IS and at the same time the epitome of basic divine/human “orderly” goodness. Within Rhiannon… conflicts resolve through patience, love, creativity, goddess magik…. FEMININE POWER - for the greatest good of All. Most especially Her family.~~~

I’ve hardly had any (cold/dampening) salads this winter, per the sage advice of my colonic therapist/shamanic healer, Janice Zwail. Switched to lightly steamed greens (collards, kales, chards), steamed carrots, purple cabbage and other earthy roots… as well as more digestible proteins (fresh ocean fresh fish! like salmon and cod - never farmed!). Less colon-binding store-bought supplements. Chia seeds and Chia flower essence (from Gypsy Goddess*) for my independent spirit) as intestinal broom, muchos sea veggies for full-spectrum minerals, fiber, taste. Feeling less “full” - more free-flowing - in my body/soul unit. Between dry skin brushing (Acca Kappa brush) and organic coconut oil Ayurvedic full-body self-massage before showering (Whole Foods has their 365 organic brand coconut oil which is very reasonably priced), upping the high quality physical movement: yoga; bellydance; deep breathing! I feel a butterfly-like breakthrough to a new form******** chakras all a-rainbow-spin, younger, more responsive, more flexible, open, easy healing, organic cherry pink whipped cream topped “I’m ready!” girlish Spring vibration. Cherries are coming into season. And yet a far way to go, for me, with more consistent discipline on all levels - including writing, photography, electronica in general (iPhone?). Words. Pictures. Magik. Music. Springtime musings in the still grey foggy lingering Pisces’ time that wanes with a half-life shiver - the end zodiac sign coming to cyclic, inevitable rebirth - innocent Aires upon the Vernal Equinox rules. Zero degrees Aires. March 20.

Unsettling unpredictable energetic ups and downs in February/March – with inner and outer earthquakes. The horror of the soul-stealing earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Near daily violent physical and astral cyclones, cleansings. Vituperative Scorpio stinging exchanges! Out of nowhere? No! Where? Built-up layers of toxic astral sheaths, stored in the inner body, largely unconscious, charcoal tier upon sooty tier of interior refuse needing release, but in more productive fashions than dumping hot potatoes on the closest relative or friend. The only way out the tail-chasing serpent of wisdom is Wisdom Herself. Realization our infernal projections need lopping off at the hydra-head. Can we see our stumbling blocks as The Yellow Brick Roads of our Higher Paths? Don Juan’s “petty tyrants”. Beware the signs of conflict, confrontation… and be still. Sit. Non-reactive. Sit. Meditate on the “right view” for healing. LET IT GO! Quick recoveries from illusions, delusions and their trappings help us feel the Oneness, just as energy shifts and clears after tropic storms dissipating the built-up charge. We feel for our own centers and dig in deep to the core of us to create alignment with a loving flow. “Pay attention,” I tell me. “Compassion as well as inner fire.” Practice…looking at “it” from your point of view, and letting lots of shitty feelings, patterns, Pavlovian reactions, resentments, stacked-up black duffle bags filled with proof you’re wrong! go go GO!…into the recycling tunnel of white-light-love. B’bye! Taking lots of Rock Spring for renewal, Northern Lights for the feeling of amazement and miracles, Ruby to enliven, empower, lower chakras and Himalayan Lily for youthful, second chakra teenage fun and levity. !And just pulled out the Manzanita for my body is the temple of my soul! OM

Along with Tarot, I Ching, Runes, a simple heads or tails… I am working with my Buddhist Master Chogyan Trungpa’s Training and Cultivating Loving-Kindness from the 59 slogans of Atisha (10th AD). I am currently exploring the slogan “Be Grateful to Everyone” implying that all our challenges are gifts (we have chosen) to improve our spiritual understanding and practice. Being a loving Being. Some points made in this commentary are: “Without others, we would have no chance at all to develop beyond ego. So the idea here is to feel grateful that others are presenting us with tremendous obstacles….Without them, we could not follow the path at all….If someone hurts you, you should be thankful to them for giving you the opportunity to practice. But you do not have to expose yourself to be hurt….You just lead your life, being very sane, and you don’t hurt anybody else….The whole approach is dealing with all kinds of hassles and transmuting them and working with them as a workable journey toward enlightenment…It is a lighthearted situation – including death. Keep that in mind. Make a slogan out of that. Whatever comes up, you do not regard as the ultimate, final problem, but as a temporary flare-up that comes and goes.”

And my morning Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle (James Wanless) comes up card #16 of the major arcana – The Tower: “Out of the fire of transmutation is fashioned a new soul and a new life. Be a warrior. Sacrifice with courage, will, and discipline what needs to go, and you will be renewed.”

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Victory Bowsprit from the SS Maine, Columbus Circle, NYC
(Photo by Linda Cohen)