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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aligning with the Pleiades

Photo by Linda Cohen, Alessandra's Tarantella Class, St. John the Divine

May 20, 2012 10:44am Temple cherry - Pleiades - New Moon in Gemini - zero degrees - Gemini Annular Solar Eclipse.. aligning with the Central Sun, Alcyone, of the Pleiades Mother Star System. Further alignment in the new Age of Aquarius. From The Quiet Mind Saying of White Eagle…


The way to truth is through the spirit. In the outer world is turmoil and chaos and unhappiness. You think with the mortal part of the mind, with the mind which is part of the substance of earth. You should think with your inner mind; you should approach problems through the inner self, through intuition. The very word explains itself. IN-tuition – graining inside your self. You are looking outside for help, and all the time the help you want is inside. The world of spirit that so many of
you talk about
and believe in, and long to touch, is within.  
In your search for truth, you must continually project thoughts of goodwill, brotherhood and love. Always see good, even if all the good appears infinitesimal in comparison with other things. Let your thoughts of love and goodwill be broadcast. You cannot know how much good you will do, by allowing your higher mind to dominate your life. 

 …I took 4 drops of FES Mugwort essence at 4:35am on the 20th of May – having been up and down all night – and 4 more drops 15 minutes later. I awakened at 9:30am, fully aware of this cosmic alignment day.

I am spending a good part of this cosmic two-day weekend galactic-alignment “reset button” time/non-time reading the “Collected Writing of Dr. Edward Bach…The Man Who Discovered Flower Remedies” edited by Julian Barnard, the man who “makes” The Healing Herb Bach Essences in England, which are imported to America by The Flower Essence Society (FES). I have read these writings easily ten times previously, and always they reawaken me to Dr. Bach’s ineffable wisdom, healing knowledge, and general genius for progress (ancient progress!) in the realms of health and self-actualization. I am drawn to the simplicity, “truth” and self-empowerment of his radical healing system employing flower essences – “TREAT THE PATIENT NOT THE DISEASE”. His brilliance (really common sense and a love of Nature) and his desire to make his healing system: (1) all natural from the blossoms of 38 flowers, trees and leaves and including the environmental essence Rock Water for flowing, along with the blend of 5 of these 38 flowers, Five Flower Formula or Rescue Remedy, as an antidote to stress and emergency situations; and (2) creating a healing program any woman/man could use to great positive affect. Simple. All inclusive. Easy to use by all. Inexpensive. From the very heart of Nature. Dr. Bach tells us…Discover the patient’s MOOD no matter the label of the disease and begin treating the afflicted emotion/state of mind. The patient will improve!

Vibrational medicine is alchemical. Deeply “altering” and life changing because we are working on upgrading our vibrational frequency to be more in alignment with the frequency of Divine Love. And trust me, this process can “pinch” until we’re on the other side of disharmonious patterns. The pain we may experience on any and all levels, can be interpreted as clearing the disharmony within the context of a “healing crisis” – ouch – but really just what I needed.

I was deep in the funky puse quagmire of my “demons” for the past four months, with a litany of “why mes?” Hard to escape physical pain (broken toe exacerbating long-term back issues), problems with my health insurance company and the IRS! And for those of you who know me…the reconciling myself to Betsey Johnson’s “closing”. Questioning whether I was sliding backwards ): Which I know one cannot really do.

Then a funny thing happened while out having a cool drink to hear a hot mind-blowing Cuban drummer at Guantanamera on 56th Street and Eighth. I had a delicious ritual Stolie on the rocks (with lime) out meeting an old friend on Wednesday. A friend I’d “lost” in the ethers of the winds and tides of change for the past five or six years. Always, literally, running into each other after doing a lot of “work” on ourselves in the down time. We clicked our clear icy glasses in celebratory toast to life and fun and soon-to-be summer fun….and agreed we’d come, though from different parallel angles (get yourself an optical calcite quartz crystal to see the many sides of things), to the same life-lesson conclusion. View….WE DON’T HAVE TO SUFFER ANY MORE:-) Brilliant! Of course the up and downs, high tides and low are Nature's inherent cycles, and ever shall be. However it’s high time to ground and lift the inner core of us and our earth missions to both Earth and Heaven to create some divine Rock of Ages balance. Halleluiah. Praise be the Goddess, The Divine Feminine, SHE who honors Earth and Peace and Love and Healing. And pleasure in love. In fact, I’ve been told the entire Galactic “reset button” is BEING pushed today, through the alignment of our sun and moon and the Central Sun living in the Pleiades, Alcyone, radiating the most evermore brilliance of amber diamond sun beams direct to Mother Earth and Hers. Along time coming. 64,000 years. A Kalpa. Another grid alignment in the dawning of The Age of Aquarius. Frequency upgrade 101 to Nth degree. I hit myself with a dollop of Bach Rock Water essence along with Sacred Datura (Angel’s Trumpet) for the new Gemini moon, the mystery, the NEW BEGINNING. BEGINNING.

Day essences:  HH Bach Rock Water for flowing; FES Cherry for sheer joy; Gypsy Goddess Apricot for young feminine joie de vie; Green Tara Himalayan Lily - again for young girlish second chakra play!; Alaskan environmental Solstice Sun for anticipation of a wondrous event(s); Alaskan Gold for shining on and out …my inner gold!
Night essences… more for clearing:  FES Range of Light Joshua Tree to clear family, society, racial etc. hereditary links, to be my own branch; HH Bach Walnut, the link-breaker, all transitions; Pacific Essences Cellular Memory for the “reset button” on total good health; Alaskan Silver for system clearing.
In addition I am, in between my regular essence taking, using some Perelandra Rose II Essences to help my body expand along with my emotional and spiritual expansions as the body often lags behind and needs body work or the like.  Essences such as Blaze Improved Climbing Rose:  Softens and relaxes first the central nervous system and then the body as a whole, thus allowing the input from an expansion experience to be appropriately sorted, shifted and integrated within the body.

Photo by Linda Cohen, Yemaja, St. John the Divine from Alessandra's alter