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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Earth Rainbow Waterslides & Passage Ways

EARTH RAINBOW- Waterslides & Passage Ways
1/23/16     ICE IS

Silver crystal ice floes form and reform-
Passing The Boathouse Lake

En route to another exalted exhibit, Egypt/the Middle Kingdom.

As penetrating winter has finally wound its way South to New York City,

With all Her clear cold Light impressions hitting Earth’s axis in myriad mandalas~~

Of playful shapes and Gaia-ripe, Oz-like though muted, colors galore!

Filling me with renewed energy and vitality - as I nearly trample feet first into the spread-eagle loamy tendril arms…Of the sacred Vagina Tree! 

Sign and symbol of Springtime’s redolent fertility...
But a season hence.  Whoa!  Stop!  Hazel eyes wide-

Of-wonder, I cheat a fall down the rabbit hole to encounter Big Sky Country –wide sprawling Montana-esque, Mountainous full-bodied evergreens like forest wizards!

Emerald seas~ Revelations! Of The Great North Lawn.  Holy wow!  To the ocean-blue mid-afternoon Ceiling sailing high above…with fluff cotton cloud-waves Dappling my Spirit-guided path.  Ho!  Where am I? 
Aventurine-Goddess-Green-Adventure… Reaching the museum.  Treasure of treasures, in Gotham’s splendid infinite array! My first encounter holy

Isis/Aphrodite, a 2nd Century serpent-curvy stone diva of voluminous breasts and Hathor–like solar-crowned fertility-headdress to awaken sexual cravings unto The Source!  

Pyramids, mummies, the rapture of knowing this life is but a prelude~~~

To a dazzling after-life that is ensured.  Sure as birth and dying.  Ancient Egypt

Endures –

Awe-inspiring by your infinite riches of Spirit and precious Body of ruby ripe gold-encrusted bejeweled remains.

Time-crossed visitation, nothing is lost where I emotionally bathe in your beauty, majesty, your time-spanning soul-embrace.  O my queens!  O my.  O. My.

Culture sated, I leave the stately columns of the Met to find before me^^


– crazy cuckoo-carts of Middle Eastern street vendors trapped in hilarious orange-yellow trompe l’oeil food trucks dappled in salty green hot pretzel rounds and smiley-faced red burgers, living peacefully atop a full-spectrum sorting of frozen ice-pops…
Spanning baby-blue peppermints to kissy-pink raspberry Offerings- For the proton-hungry. Urban-Adventurer. 


I have my unsalted organic almonds and organic Thompson Select seedless raisins neatly packed in a reusable sandwich Zippy safe inside my cobalt-blue Kate Spade shoulder bag, along with my Harmless Harvest Bright-peach sugar-free-bee-pollen chewing gum-

ink fair-trade coconut water.  USDA organic.  Yum yum yum.  

As I make my way to my favorite park spot, Bethesda Fountain, midway 72 Street-


I am magically encircled in the most spectacular movable feast of color imaginable

A swirling live! rainbow of Earthbound Northern Lights - topaz pinks and lavenders-

On whirling violet flames – turquoise light ribbons
With banana-yellow streamers! And

Rapturing every color wavelength in between! 

Chiron and Orion.  Pallas Athena And Uranus!!!Thrice!  Like Hermes!  I am blessed!  Eleventh Dimensionally

…at the very least.  Somehow?  I have crossed

Over into a far higher frequency awhirl with splendiferous

 Earth Rainbows~~~

From here to Eternity, I suspect.  For NOW –
May I most gratefully inter-cellularly swallow this third eye-candy with my ravenous desire-body
And passion for deLight…
My darkly hazel pupils…knowing come Spring!
These shards, ice floes, and bunny white winter storms
Shall bring me back…
To the joyful carousel, Bee and I choose-
…year after joy-riding-year…  Happy!

Racing wooden steads of every height and fashion season after joy-cycling season. Happy!


cherry I Bee


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