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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Temperance Card of the Sacred Tarot

A brief meditation on The Temperance Card of The Major Arcana followed by Nature's fitting images of our new Spring! Meditation and photos by Linda Cohen 3/2016

This image is a likeness of the image of THE TEMPERANCE CARD, card number fourteen of the Major Arcana of the Sacred Tarot of The Smith-Waite Tarot Deck, illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith, a genius of both wisdom and art.  We witness The Angel Michael (healing angel, master physician) forever pouring to and fro the male fire consciousness and the female water consciousness ever aiming to create the perfect balance.  That balance would reflect itself in ALL BEINGS on every level of existence being 100% in tune with their Higher Selves = Holy Spirit. = ONE.

               I could reflect upon any of the 78 cards of the full deck, or more particularly, reflect upon any of The 22 Major Arcana Trumps (representing 22 major archetypes that exist in all of us).  For, most of my “work” in this lifetime, thus far, has been this balancing of my own fire and water: the experiments; the extremes; the emptiness;  the fearful freeze-outs and life-juggling spin-outs that have kept me inert for times and spaces on end (The Hanged Man).   At other times whirling endlessly like the Wheel of Fortune (card number 10) cycles from key to key, from higher polarity to low polarity.... for worse and for better until one finally attains karma-free energy and incarnates out.

Each of the sacred Tarot cards is programmed with The Wisdom of the Ages and if one is dedicated, inspired and learned enough, one can meditate beyond time and form alone …  to delve into the precise perfectly synthesized energy systems of each of the cards---- to see the image as a whole but also to become aware and thereby use for self-growth the many incredible correspondences to both The Kabbalah and to what was known WISDOM/TRUTH/ASCENSION….. to the adepts of the mystery schools throughout all time.

               Can you fathom The Angel of Temperance in ever-motion, an integral part of God's sacred plan?  For as long as time exists and beyond our tiny fourth dimension playground?…. Patiently weaving to and fro, in the blending of opposites, weaving of consciousness.  The Timeless Angel, He /She is clothed in glorious rainbow-radiant wings, as the rainbow is God’s covenant with man AND a holy bridge from Heaven to Earth and back.  And what lies at the end of the path?  The pot of gold/consciousness.  My point is, among the many correspondences (Hebrew letters, numerology, astrology, elements, colors, gem stones, flowers, perfumes, “powers” ) –  far too many to enumerate here – in the rich blue flowing stream leading from the solar radiance beaming from the mountain top, on down to Michael’s naked holy feet bathing in The Waters of Life see the Iris flowers blossoming (perhaps hardly noticeable and yet right there in the muted delicacy of the card appears the reference to The Goddess of the Rainbow Herself! -  where the iris flowers grow intertwined with Nature and Nature’s hand in all that IS – These mythical mystical ancient Iris flowers, as Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow and all that that means in the context of Life and Creativity.  There is so much! more!   Hold the living cards, look at them, play with them and become them, as you like.  Simply step inside this magnificent angel for a day, or however long you may wish, and declare! your intention to balance yourself, in the calm waters of your healed psyche!  And be open to experiencing life through their - the cards of the Major Arcana - higher octave perspectives, thereby programming your “old self” with the Eternal Wisdom Forms they afford you---- as you are ready to love and accept and love yourself… for truly YOU ARE!!!  A Holy Being/ A Living Goddess (God).  
The miracle of many spins out The MIRACLE OF ONE. 

The Carousel: The Wheel of Fortune
Aisles of Trees: The Sacred Paths WE Take in Life

The Cross of Matter: Alighting on this Earth

Signs of Spring:
The Ascent of Life From Darkness

The White Blossoms of Purity and Wisdom:
The Tree of Life

The Deep Pink of Love:
The Tree of Knowledge Of Good and Evil:
We must taste of its every essence before we may discover Balance ---
A Calm Cool Heart-Mind

Yet We Fall-
In All the Trappings!
Until We Don't

 The Angel of Temperance:
Beside Us Forever
In Our "Work"
'Til We Find Our Equilibrium

Sunny Daffodils: Spring Has Arrived

The Forsythia Are in Bloom:
New Beginnings on the Wheel of Life/Death/Rebirth


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