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Monday, August 16, 2010

Dakini Training - Morning Pages... Aug 15, 2010

Dakini Training
Morning Pages… Sunday August 15, 2010 9:26am
Readying for Woodstock

Eat right, Clean 1) alter; 2) crystals 3) wash
Emphasize beauty, grace, strength, compassion, mystery of woman. Power.
Dreams? I think I feel, in my dreams, that men forget me too easily (some men) =
improve detachment factor while remaining open-hearted for the pure sake of giving.
Be with my mother kindly.

With my current primary essences, I’m focusing on:
1) Explorer’s Gentian (FES Range of Light): Bright open new-pathways to dakini energy.

2) Pretty Face (FES): towards greater ease, flow, flower and ability to be outside the self more. Confidence in inner and outer beauty for spiritual evolution.

3) Spectrolite (Alaskan Gem Elixir) and Northern Lights (Alaskan environmental essence): Carry the vibration and range of full spectrum color/light (as the Northern Lights dance in the sky like angels) to deeply feed cells, to rainbow our insides to experience the magical sparking qualities of the full “mandala” – through the creation, projection and radiation of bliss.

4) Madonna Lily (Julia Graves Green Tara essence): for greace. To be aware of strengthen grace in my life and thereby the entire mandala, to be graceful, full or grace, refined female spiritual consciousness

5) Blueberry Pollen (Alaskan pollen/flower essence): for radiant, easy, flowing abundance in all good things in life, non-grasping, in the Big Flow

1) I am filled with sparking radiant creative energy and beauty.
2) All I want and need flows easily and naturally to me, for the benefit of All.
3) I am open to exploring new paths of energy on all levels. My energy is ever self-cleansing, self-renewing and joyfully, healthily exciting.

Days Aspirations: Work, proposal into Integral Yoga Institute for December teaching, fine-tune all apprenticeship programs.
~~~BE as east and relaxed in my flow-
~~~Exercise my body and continue my spiritual studies (Yeshe Tsogyal, Guru Rinpoche practice, Tara. Practice compassion (Yellow Star Tulip) especially with my mother.
Continue reading on White Tigress secret sexual teachings…the untapped spiritual evolutionary path to enlightenment…mostly ignored in The West
~~~Download new music; ready for Woodstock, explore new computer. Continue cleansing, feng shui, aspirations and end of day reflections.

with the supreme blessing of Bee Montana Kanew turning
9 months this day. My grand daughter delight.


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