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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Fool

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The Fool in the Tarot, card 22, is the full circle link in the Tarot’s Major Arcana – 22 universal archetypes - between card number one, The Magician, and card number 21, The Universe… that pure open infinitely innocent energy from which we come originally and who we really are at the heart and soul of ourSelves. Our Buddha Nature, Christ Consciousness, Love Incarnate. The Fool is the no-mind, no-preconceptions, wide-eyed Light Being androgen traveling in cosmic consciousness… meaning childlike, loving, full of grace, untarnished and free, fully connected and representative of Holy Spirit, Source or Good Will. *“The Fool suggests madness, detachment and laughter. When we are in any of these states we are closer to God than when we are in a state of reason.” This is a state of being we aspire to through childlike play, our inner child, through laughter, through conscious sex, through Spiritual aspiration. We have all experienced being The Fool in our deepest full-bellied fool-hearty laughter; when we are loving our partners or ourselves in an unconditional bliss-giving and receiving state of merging with the divine; in wonderment; in letting go and surrendering to life’s flow; in traveling life’s journey with freedom from concepts and simply allowing unfoldment. The Fool is everything and No thing in energetic frame. In connecting the individual, The Magician, to the Whole, The Universe, The Fool is the bridge of energetic Light-Beingness which brings the merging back to Source, Love, Freedom…in the cosmic circle of incarnation and evolution.

* from Evolution Through the Tarot by Richard Gardner, Samuel Weiser Press

Suggested flower essences: Zinnia, Lotus, Cerato, Baby Blue Eyes, Borage