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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The High Priestess

Major Arcana Card Number Two

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From inside Athena’s sacred temple on the arid mystic Isle of Delos, I feel The Priestess’ presence deep within my virgin woman ocean self… eternally pregnant with Her secrets, Divine Knowledge, Wisdom of the Goddess, SHE.

She who is science - of life and death - abiding calm between the ancient pillars, guarding her power, She is the crescent moon and full moon too. In pure feminine grace she waits in her turn to bestow the treasures of enlightenment upon her chosen lover where through penetration and receptivity to Her he is initiated uncompromisingly into the oceanic realms of Her subconscious depths

where the omnipotent inner jewels - the ice white, the red rubies, shimmering star sapphires, crystal emeralds of healing and new beginnings, black sea pearls which must be born through Her into enchantment for her sisters... ripen…the deep blue realm, intuitive, feeling feeling self & She….the sea of her open womb where only HE may lose himself, cool the fires of his solar burning, come, rainbow bliss wheels fountaining the expanding cosmic ship which is CREATION ---

through Her sacred gates beyond the young Magician into the full expression of the man HE IS…The Emperor… She, The Mystery, allows the full exchange of essence – as HE fully opens to her divine gifts and by this holy magical exchange does finally fully receive HIS

as SHE comes back to life.