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Friday, July 13, 2007

The Chariot

The Chariot - Card 7

Photo: Old Town Rhodes, Greece, May 2007
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The Chariot Driver moves forward in progress by holding to the middle way, unswayed by strong pulls to extremes which are ever present in the force field. Life is movement, flow, change; evolutionary growth is the imperative. It is only through this fixed law of motion and change that we grow and reach our highest destinies. It is the mission of The Chariot Driver to stay the noble course through determination, focus and expertise. Having passed through the initiations of the previous six major arcana cards, most recently The Lovers and thereby acquiring the awareness and responsibility of conscious choice, the aspirant must ride, unwavering, in the truth he/she has thus far learned on the path of evolution.

Seven is a number of progress and a number of man’s achievement through skillful means. “The Chariot represents progress, achievement, leadership, refuge, and safety…placed as it is next to Card 6, Love, it emphasizes that the only safe foundation for any progress is an understanding of the force called love. By keeping in tune with this Force our progress is limitless. Progress by love means roughly a society based on the consideration of the individual…Card 7 combines the qualities necessary for successful leadership - courage and ruthlessness - in dealing with outworn prejudices, vested interests and similar blocks.” (Evolution Through the Tarot, by Richard Gardner)

Riding ever forward, with the animal forces of nature carrying him/her as the wheel of life in motion, The Charioteer must take what has been learned through hard work and “mastery” and carry it to the next level of manifestation, Card 8, Justice.