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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Moon in Cancer '10

New Moon in Cancer ‘10

blissful warrior

Last night reading Miranda Shaw’s Passionate Enlightenment on Tantra.

Feeling the inspiring presence of Yeshe Tsogyal, Queen of Bliss, in my life now. I feel to adorn myself with all sacred manner of cloud pinks and silk rubys, the sheerest Vermeer golds, Milky Way ocean-pearl-whites. My eyelids sparkling with golden ore from Nepal and luvulite purple flecks of spirit crystal, fluttering my butterfly lashes. Painted toe nails conch-shell pink and splashed light with mercurial silver star-dust.

      Only, I can listen to Kirtan or any music ecstasy following the throat chakra swells of perfumed offerings, the ancient transcendental oud, the crystal humming katak drumming, the emptiness of radiant sounds filling my sense receptors with vision mystery, awe and heart-love-devotion.

      New moon. Eleventh day (The Force (The High Priestess)) Sunday. Still summer sirens seek sensual sexpression sincerely opening songs of soul and lila.


I take my essences: Spectrolite for all the colors of the rainbow; Sacred Datura for the new moon; Madonna Lily for Grace; Pretty Face and Gold.

I Sparkle Gold and Pink Bliss Waves ~~~

Blessings of the Goddess~~~

I drink sweet wheatgrass, chew Japanese Sun Chlorella and anoint myself with Triple Lotus – purest blue, pink & white lotus oils blended for optimum Lotus “hit” - from Thailand. TAM.


      Yoga in honey window sunlight, especially extended headstand.

Vajra Sattva mantra. “music for your sensuous journey…Mango Blossoms Unveiled…water weekly, sacred garden. toasting pumpernickel bagel to offer to myself with Hass avocado and feta from Greece… last-minute ironing dry skin-brushing bathing in Himalayan sea salt with coconut/vanilla scrub finish up finish out – purchase on my way uptown through central park 2 tiny airplane gray goose, jump on local a train to spend the wiling afternoon to play

bee mine…

and all who love you bliss-wheel donut girl~~~chinese jewess princess ~~~

The Juicy: Take your time. The Mystery is everyness and each. Namaste.

Bee inspiring. Bee inspired. Plant your new moon seeds with faith –

Your Lakshmi Garden grows.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sprit Flowers


I rose to find white flowers
rose at Springtime, dawn –
My gardenia heart
My –
Scorpio moon full
Rose, with petals
… ivory bliss.
I rose fair to new
Season, I reached
for winged Isis Light –
Incandescent, healing, nurturing
Rainbow translucent skin
Pure, fresh, refreshing
new skin.
Rose I….into the Garden
Rose from the dark silty mud –
And we are now Blue
Lotus shallops ~~~
Emitting Dakini Love.
Therein our pleasured
Inspiration –
I rise now to meet
the rose –
You mean so much to me precious
naked sacred soul.

cherry linda 5/2010

(Photo taken by Linda Cohen at Lata's country home in Hamden, NY)