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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Life in General

Billboard near High Line
Chelsea, NY

Life in General

December 11th, Sun in Sag, Moon void of course, Mercury retrograde, 10:51 am.
Noche Flamenco tonight at The Cherry Lane; an old fashioned facial at 2.
I need good incense (Enfleurage on Bleeker Street Agar Wood). Couldn’t sleep, by 4 I had to put myself to pillow and insist.
I feel the magnetic pull both ways so strongly at this time: the pull to live safe and cozy in my comfortable routine (where most of my life I HAVE NOT BEEN)
“managing” mainly familiar feelings…tho’ there’s been so much family crisis and flux these past six months that lots of new ( and old entrenched) very intense and challenging emotions and questioning The (my) Self on deep levels of my being as to where I am in denial, what must change for growth and health and the spiritual evolution of me? Then there is the equally familiar beckoning to “rise” to the new energy (come on 2011) of change magnetizing me “forward”. Breakthrough. Repetition. Redemption. Day by night, back and fro, working it, creating higher perspectives, more loving and truthful perspectives, lighter, living from the inside out, softer, more open, more pink love-conscious. On the Sapphire Starpath.
To and fro this crystal pendulum of living. “Cleansing” essences I take before bed: Sagebrush; Brazilian Quartz; Liard Hot Springs; Goldenseal
and Lotus Fountain Essence - - -
And the “new” implants I take upon rising: Redwood for stature and filling up my cells with radiant strong energy and alignment; Pretty Face (a signature essence for me, that goes to the core on my body/soul integration); Pine for self acceptance and forgiveness and to relieve feelings of guilt; Gold for self esteem; Rock Water to keep on flowing in potentially ice-rigid times; Blueberry Pollen for prosperity consciousness. I’m also using, ad hoc. Julia Grave’s Green Tara Lily essences: Madonna Lily for Grace; Himalayan Lily for light-hearted girlishness; Asparagus when I meditate, for the spine. As needed. Sacred Datura on the new moon. Still afraid to start Dalton’s Werewolf Root Essence
for great transformative power.
Some necessary upgrades:
- No alcohol in January
- Norhan’s belly dance classes and all weekend workshops
- Start money market account
- Write weekly blog with my photographs

Criss-cross nano second to nano. A few sacred drops of Rock Water to keep on keepin’ on, more Redwood for rich stature and energy, extra Himalayan Lily for the hot restless sexy female energy of the late teen/cool babe I must still be inside.
And from Carolyn Myss’ Defy Gravity “Respond to intuitive signals coming through your biology. Stress in your solar plexus is a signal that you are losing your power to something. Identify that something(s) and take action before it consumes you. This is a wise action.”

I am a holy being. I am a living goddess.
cherry linda