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Friday, February 25, 2011

Reaching Rhiannon

...taken by Linda Cohen "Cherry's Garden"

Freya’s Day – February 25, 2011 9:16am… dark wintry mix beyond and gloomy - Morning Pages…

The flow’s better. Not quite so to and fro in fear right now. Tides are moving within and out, especially in the oft’ challenged second chakra area where I tend to hold shit. But today, and increasingly, I feel “more of me in me” and less anything else. Like all the tiny chakras of my being are spinning better – for the good of All. While, in truth, there is so much more “vestigial” stuff on every level to discard! I feel to 180 my compass pole (as the axis of the Earth shifts fully in Her time) to be open to receive. To and fro the timeless tides abide in natural law. Hoping to leave so much cleansing behind and reconfigure a new paradigm of me….I think it’s called living. Aspiring to be open to receive heart & thought-felt manifestations of aspirations etched in consciousness, in fantasy, and meditation over time, as Great Spirit hears my prayers. xoxox

It’s all about perspective, see. The ability, natural or acquired, the skill to be creative (with a loving foundation strengthened by commitment to my Starpath Self). To imagine my spirit’s desire, my calling - in the broadest sense... that I feel on the right track – and also have the faith, perseverance, wiliness… and the boon of a positive loving VIEW from “here” to “there” so to speak, the process, is the better part of the magik. Oh sweet patience, graceful faith, please be my constant companions. Follow-through gives such a sense of confidence and power as we stretch further, energetically towards the flow and flower of Our Oneness….in the frame or “template” I am Self-Created in my evolutionary progress. Like a mysteriously beautiful blooming blue lotus rises from garbagy murk. A human being. A miracle.

Onion skins of painful, constricting astral armor have nearly strangled my sensitive Virgo body, where now these layers crack and melt more than in a while; I think it’s feeling Spring too. So hopeful for the passion fruit. The olive. The ever figgy fig. The Goddess, The God, waking from the long dark sleep of winter. My Spirit and my body are making better friends. Like my good friend Diane said to me recently, “all this dancing’s (Diane is ballroom dancing at the moment, with goddess verve!) opening up my chakras. I’ve never felt so good in my body and POWERFUL.”


Along with Rhiannon comes the new March. 2011. One key quality is movement. Like The Chariot, number seven, in the traditional Tarot, heroically riding the focused path. Movement. There is also great strength, forbearance, beauty to the heights, pride - but a selfless pride, the essence of feminine embodiment of virtuous qualities MIXED WITH A SORCEROUS ANCIENT WELSH HORSE GODDESS, a Fairy Queen Goddess of Magik. Rhiannon rides like the wind, most magical, clothed in shimmering gold, on a pure white mare that practically flies her to her bidding - where the emerald forest trees part in perfect path for Rhiannon to reach home.

With movement we break the cycles of entropy of fading Father Winter to stretch towards rainbow flowering spring. A Crossroad’s Tme of change; of deepest transformation. Cycles. Persephone rises from the Underworld climbing the ladder of garlic roots. The King Fisher grows big balls again while MamaEarth's fields and vines swell to succulent sweetness. Soon.

Feeling ‘flower essence cluttered,” I spent a good amount on time this week, through research on many levels, from my pendulum to learning deeper layers of the properties of the essences. Simplicity. Clarity. Intuition…bring me to the following essences NOW coming into Rhiannon: HH Bach Rock Water for flow; Alaskan environment Rock Spring for renewal and miracles; Pretty Face for feeling inner and outer beauty; FES Range of Light Blazing Star for golden solar-filled action that embraces feminine expression as its twin; Alaskan gem Sugalite for deepening the physical expression of the spiritual; Alaskan Gold to enhance self-esteem and a main building block of the New Body; Julia Graves’ Asparagus for strengthening the spinal column and thereby enhancing our connection to Heaven and Earth; and just before bed the Alaskan environmental essence Liard Hot Springs for clearing astral junk, cellular detox. While I affirm:

More about Rhiannon:


  • I ask and therefore I receive
  • I deserve to fulfill my destiny
  • I welcome change in my life
  • I see the path intended for me
  • My future is full of possibilities
  • I invite new choices into my life
  • My goals are becoming manifest
  • I deserve to have my dreams realized

ESSENCE: Goddessence NUIT 100% pure essential oil blend, FES Mountain Pride for spiritual warriorship, FES Larkspur for leadership

GEMSTONES: Cat's-eye, ruby and moonstone