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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Breath of Spring

(ARTEMIS ALTER by Linda Cohen)

My Breath of Spring April 2011

Artemis springs forth this newer day –
Moon Magic April offerings of silvery filament-rays~~
Her silver huntress tunic glistens, glows
‘Neath younger brother Apollo’s increasing
      Solar Light –

Inside me too mandalas kaleidoscope, shape-shifting hexagon honey comb
amber astral crystals
Sugalite, Phenacite, Emerald, Star Ruby, U-man Watermelon Tourmaline
Brilliant! Hologram Mirrors Our undulating Hula-Dancing Cosmos –
With so much recent time-testing-time in strict Father Saturn
      digging, undigging, digging, undigging
      invisible muddy emo-ruts and guts and beta-brainwave quick-
sand ditches tugging…    unplugging.

Sculpting time for a body upgrade….hummmm what’s new and ancient out there? Studying
Five Phase Nutrition, deep Chiron-guided astrology, Law and Order (reruns), the fine, essential, Art of Patience.
So grateful, humblingly grateful, for Revelations at last brilliancing
The Spider Web's design. Living. Our dying. Born. Gone. Born again. I have starseed impressions of Golden Temples of Wisdom high inside the Eck Stream,
On the thin-veiled Soul Planes~~~

Finely and front row (my movie) with my princess feet more gypsy core, my spine more cobra straight, Dancing mystical star-emblazoned skies
On Chinese dragon comet tails, soaring
In whose inner blue velvet veil
I see the Goddess’ face ever more clearly
Is opulent Grace. Smiling Eye, Sexy vibe which reveals no Secrets.
I see Her in my chipping lapis blue finger nails~
And in The Velvet Underground’s exquisite chaos~
And in the heart cups and newt tails and psychotropic-teas of Alice. Cheshire. March hare marched. Cruel? April is arrived~~
With golden growing stronger. Inanna and Demuzi. Sacred marriage rites.

As above So Below
Mysteries of Mother Moon reflections
Nearer –
The soul-train of my cherry mind-flow clearer
      Fountaining, orgasming, rainbow spectrum spermy streamers seek to dazzle my truer nature
Ahh Creation    FEELS so good.
I’m proud of creating
      Turkey (more a giver than a taker…something new)
      As my honey grandchild Spirit Guide.
Me? a wild woman of Artemis
So long I Be….
            cherry linda