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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One Wednesday Morning

(Photo by Linda Cohen - Tata and The Bee)

One Wednesday Morning
May 11, 2011 8:40am
A Cherry & Bee Day

Waking in the soft-lit temple of my own holy make-shift design, healing elixirs abound -.
Flower essences from Mother India, AdiLakshmi for flowing, Blue Moon for Shadow Love,
River Bloom as inner anthem to Printemps-
Sacred flute-tongues snake hissingly ‘round me,
Himalayan pink-salt lamps radiate Asian crystal mescaline-like rainbow-rays
Baby-pink rose cuplets. Royal Ceylon-saffron yellow. Cleansing. Potentizing vanilla sky etheric space.
The King of Cups
Is in the cards – Again. May he cometh forth.
Morning coffee bitter black organic Nicaraguan
South Indian temple incense. Lavender flowers laced thin birch sticks from Provence France ~~~
Entwine, Divine, Combine… Interdimension- thine!
Protective, uplifting, anointing. Precious Earth perfumes. Agar wood from outside Mumbai paints baby Ganesh smoke-streams.
East Indian deities of three shining onyx eyes stare into the temple garden. Lila (play)! Lovely diva dragonfly darting
Timeless zones of creamy consciousness come whisper in my inner-ear - Encoded rich antennae secrets.
Holographic planes collide in aqua sea blue Emptiness
Making. No thing. Everything.
Queen of Diamonds… Holds the cards – She knows how to deal.
My Argo bed so valiant ride! my family snapshots winking, dinking – fun lips, painted orchid plum.
Spanning Star-Streams Strong ~~ these pearls of DNA family energy strung together destinies~~
Lioness lineage Dakini wise and skilled in means…. - traveling
No time spent…..Ever young
Ganesha presides where outside the retooled bricks –
Lead to Central Park, heavenly green, pink, yellow, wisteria purple, buttercup sweethearts. Central Park.
This May day spreads in from the East showering blessings
Translucent Apple Blossom sheath/leafs, as tiny see-through Chinese coins ching ching ching
Titillate mystic blue airs, inundate dancing-park pathways – they do tell…(If you listen)
Tickle the new emerald blue grass, billions
Of secret siddhis (blessings) alighting your foreground Star-Path of whimsy and Desire….Lunar Fire ~~~
Feeling your dark cave fill with flowers, your empire waterfalls
Higher than Super Man can fly….
Colors. Velvety and prickly
Scarlet red rose. Wild and unpickable softens…
Too tight heartstrings –
Depths of my Spirit blossom!
Painting the city and me both brightly. Softly.
Lilacs, dripping Morning Glories, Tulips kissing pastel Monarch butterflies….
Fashion shows in fleeting realms of season.
Yes, let's do fall in love –
Beeng here ~~~Where it is….now.
*Caught in the form of limitation
Between un-being and being.
Sudden in a shaft of sunlight
Even while the dust moves
There rises the hidden laughter
Of children in the foliage
Quick now, here, now, always—

ts eliot the four quartets