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Monday, September 26, 2011

New Moon Reflections of The Autumnul Equinox 2011

Isis Alter photo by Linda Cohen

9/27/2011 New Moon Reflections on The Autumn Equinox

“….The ancient Great Mother Goddess not only presided over life- She existed in it. This meant that hill and stream were sacred. It meant that human activities such as weaving, pottery, sowing seeds also were an expression of the sacred, and all existed within a totality…a ‘holiness’ which means ‘wholeness’. The later conception of a Fathergod, existing outside His creation, has emptied the world of life and wonder. It has meant by implication that the world of matter is there to be exploited and therefore despised as being set apart from, and lower than, the spiritual abode of God….

The words ‘matter’ and ‘mother’ have the same root. It is not hard to see how separation of the divine from His creation has been bad news for plants, animals, the human body, women and sexuality, not to mention the ecosystem, for what is not divine is flawed and suspect, indeed evil, to be used at will and yet also shunned. The Goddess, who blessed sexual love, whose mystery was revered in each sprouting shoot, was gone. In Her place stood a grass-widower God presiding over a sterile creation….

The Goddess is not ‘God in drag.’ She does not sit in the clouds wearing a size 38C breastplate. As in ancient time, She is within us and around us. Exalting the Feminine does not mean merely putting a female at the head of an organization instead of a male; it means a radical reappraisal of function and approaches, where greater cooperation is encouraged. There are many ways to be explored in which women can be endowed with greater power and self-determination without feeling that they have ‘become’ men. Exploring these ways in a male-dominated status quo can feel forced, and we have to start with truly valuing the feminine qualities that rather than differentiate, that accept rather than compete, that receive rather than dictate. It seems we have to feel our way, for we cannot be sure exactly what ‘femininity’ may be – for instance, there are many warrior goddesses and plenty of room for fierceness within the divine Feminine. We need to explore – respectfully, trying to drop our old yardsticks….”
From the goddess by Teresa Moorey, Mobius Press


Cultivating Equanimity on the Autumnal Equinox 2011

O holy Mother, Daughter, Sister O
Isis Queen – Guardian of Women and Children and the very grain that blooms rich and golden..
Silver starry-eyed Lady of the evanescent furtive moon ~
Embrace and Grace my fire-
Opal igniting higher-heart and beating violet astral wings invisible….
Fluttering with joy and hope and the new life you inspire! Regeneratrix!
In luscious cherry deva play, near-intoxicating devotion, may I dance and sing
And pray!
Among this morning’s emerald rain-
Kissed garden flowers - rose indigo peony …
Your holy circumference, outstretched wings, your Throne, your Goddess love~~~
Encircling The Tree. As it ever IS.


A most beautiful, powerful, cleansing visage of Mother Nature, sheets of silvery
Rain-glass fanning this crossover earth day. Equal of Goddess and God. Equinox 2011.
The sacred marriage bed.

A picture window throne at Jean George on Central Park divine and divining luncheon with bro Richard The Lion-hearted and the great Mother Mine Herself.
Much new excitement with clients and goddess circles, Namaste and thyme – and the lutes and dumbeks of Istanbul with its Bosporus blue smile enticing -
Rhythms of female design pulsing the soaring white dove while protecting the sacred primal Dance.

Courtney, wild urban cowboy, Knight in shining soul garb and laughing wonderment, Arriving to my rescue to ferry me down, by golden steel-wheeled steed, to Lafayette Bar & Grill. Student belly dance show of Isis priestess Nourhan Sharif.
Fortunate dancer I,
Brimming with lila/play. Magical delight in moonstone ivory veil, shadowing Her
Full mystery
Face. Flashing onyx Egyptian stiletto eyes. Surprise. I put a spell on you because –
You’re mine.
Following festivities I broke my two month fast with ruby Pinot Noir, the fine dark chocolate of vinos. And it is good. So good. Goddess good.

The night galloped me home through thick rain slick avenues of neon Times Square
Big Apple bravado and the Friday night hoopla Manhattan always is….
The Fisher King took off towards The Hudson Valley….fresh trout to smoke and wander
Earth Mother’s stream banks and hidden caves, while I celebrate my crossing
Into the open celebratory arms of Autumn. Cornucopia harvest season swings freely ~~
In arcane crimson twine, a lantern and the spider web of All creation
Busily spinning towards a new age of Light….
The Water Bearer, Aquarius.

Most especially I am tuning into this current, this dance, firstly with Sacred Datura for all new moons mystical enlightenment by FES & Pegasus, with FES Dogwood for grace of body and soul movement, Alaskan Kunzite gem elixir for higher love, Moon Goddess from cherrie seed, see, Julia Graves Green Tara Asparagus for spinal alignment (so important)….my time-honored friends FES Blackberry and Pretty Face, and an important! Bach remedy for this moving time, Walnut, the link-breaker!
(…and am not bound by past, nor others’ choices)