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Saturday, April 07, 2012

April Fools and Wisdoms

Photo by Arthur in Tulip Garden West 89th Street

I’m just a cherry APRIL FOOL… 10:51 am … Moon in Leo…

A new month pours through
My near-noon temple bedroom sill, sunrise-pink diffusion~~~
To an apple blossom pink calcite delight…a parallelogram of soft-canary-yellow
Leo Light brushes Aires’ (sun) growing presence. Filters.
The day peers.

A mystery.

OF ASTRAL SULFUR CRYSTALS…Squeaky cleaning every cell.

AHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the transformed toxins return
to the compassionate recycling of the Buddha Pure Lands

Ever-new clear matrix. Stalactite dripping
Sacred waters of initiation. In caves below the seen. Come!
Anoint me. Let me know your secrets Great Mother.
Ix Chel. Of the ancient Mayan. Birthing All from your hidden mystery caves. Your serpent cobra crown rising
No beginning. With no end.

From azurite-seahorse guarded Cozumel to hooka-piping Constantinople….I do remember….
Her. Know Her. Her lilac lotus breath. Palest white of rainbow light.
Raspberry cream infusions.
Her tangerine-mango heart, sweet. Everlasting. The mountains, moss green fields, the snipping soaring tadpoles, the pristine emerald forests, the cataclysms in gold and silver ore, the divine perfume ambrosia of the sacred Datura flower (Angel’s Trumpet) brings me to the velvet edge of bliss. Parts the night. Hails the new day.
…Calling in some new essences from British Columbia, Pacific Essences: (1) a 22 day abundance program using essences and oils; (2) Seahorse Essence for spinal alignment and mystical transformation. As~~~


Morning flowers: FES Cherry for happiness, FES Columbine for hearing the voice of holy Spirit, especially with regard to career, Harmony for Healing by Cherrie Seed’s Saraswati River for gutsiness, Harmony for Healing Prathana to appreciate the everything in the present, FES Blackberry for physical manifestation, FES Cayenne for fiery forces of the will.

Night flowers: FES Sagebrush for cleansing outworn parts of life, Alaskan Rock Spring for renewal, Green Tara, by Julia Graves, Asparagus for spinal alignment and HH Bach Walnut for transitions, breaking-links and psychic protection.

I am also taking, in between “the work” some sexy super-charged sister flower essences to awaken my second chakra prom queen sexy garden: (1) Gypsy Goddess Apricot (my current personal favorite), Gypsy Goddess Indian Pipe to live the holy sacrament of healing, Julia Grave’s Himalayan Lily to the hot teenage of me, second chakra fire.

April 4th 2012 9:07am moon in Virgo
Early Spring Emerald electric blades of meadow Azurite ethers, cloudless, wind-blown, whipping Gazelle trees of graceful deep purple heather. Where last the golden forsythia blazed. Cha Cha Cha Changes….


Freya’s Day April 6th 2012 7:58 am full moon in Libra!
Emotional balance?
Ellen’s birthday.

Delving more deeply into Mayan Goddess IxChel. Rituals for activating the divine feminine….and deeply into Chiron studies. The astrological Centaurs… powerful forces spinning deep in the psyche as so far out in our solar system…integration of personal self and cosmic ONE. Astro Land (astrology and astronomy) so vast, so deep, so ever changing, so AS ABOVE SO BELOW. In the Aquarian Age the signs and sightings are clearer for healing understanding…. What needs to be released…How we can ride the incoming wave of the New Golden Age. All times are joining, dissolving barriers, de-crystaling mind-debris, nurturing Kunzite hearts.
So much coming. So much letting go. The Secret Dakini end card is “The Last Laugh.” A really good belly laugh breaks the curse. Breaks the onyx wall of fear to release the Light. Repeating –


Photo by Linda Cohen, Columbus Circle, NYC