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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sowing Pains

Ah Ha Ocean
Photo by Linda Cohen, South Beach, 7/5/2012

The Tarot of the Spirit says…."You must sacrifice those patterns and forms within you that do not promote the higher cause.  All that which is base or harmful."

Sometimes I suffer a lot of pressure (which can manifest as pain on any level) when I feel there’s an entire Saturday (Saturn’s Day) before me - and night – for which I haven’t made any “good” “constructive” plans.  Freak out!  What will happen?  Will I get depressed and criticize  myself (use Beech flower essence) for????  ...  for being too unadventurous and rigid?  Will I waste a whole day in resistance and lack of trust in the Universe and my spiritual path?  Psycho Saturdays.  Actually today is one of those days.  Absolutely nothing’s “wrong” under the polka dot ceiling of this day’s dappled soft skylark-blue mid-July skies.  Ironically, I’ve prayed so many times (to the Nth degree) for just this, some blessed free time.  Time to take care of myself, to write, to create new flower essence teachings, watch old Law and Orders, take a powder puff of fluffy green clouds then do my whole yoga practice.

Essence wise. O K, take some long hits of Rock Water essence to keep flowing.  And what other one essence will further me right now?  FES Self Heal.  To stimulate my own natural healing abilities and open my consciousness to make me more aware of what I need for my healing---  As…

I am always perfectly guided on my healing path.
I am able to relax and flow with the process of life.
I love Life.
I love my Freedom.
All is well in my world.

Then sometimes, I am really feeling the taffy pull.  XO.  OX.  Young.  Old.  New moon.  Opal full.  Blush powder pink light-hearted girlfriend.  Mush of bitter chartreuse sour grapes old flame.  So many outworn patterns of behavior… old invisible wounds resurfacing… To re-enact Pavlovian past responses?  O? K!  Put up your dukes!  Or.  AH.  Break free?  Dissolving triggered tension.  But how to break free?  Gently:)  When?  And then what? And what does freedom look and feel like?  Is it Chinese saffron silky?  Is it like getting out of a permanently dull-gray jail?  Is it like having swirly cotton-candy-spun wings of the palest tangerine grace-lace to lift off from fear and take up up up to the high sky-minded Buddha Pure Lands?

          OM…AH...  HUM.  I am willing to release the need for pain on any level.  I am willing to release the need for pain-killers.  I am willing to be in my power.  I am perfectly self-healing.  I am on my perfect healing path.  I trust my path.  I love and approve of myself.  (See Louise Hay, “You Can Heal Your Life”;  Google Hay House)

In Love and Courage and Peace.
I am strong and healthy and beautiful.
All I want and need comes to me easily and naturally.
Everyday I am fitter and more flexible - body, mind and Spirit.
All is well in my world.
Every day my life gets better and better.
It is safe to be me.  I love and approve of myself.

From Gautama Buddha to Yogi Yogananda… to our own precious Lady of the Healing Affirmation, Warrior Queen Louise Hay (FES Mountain Pride for spiritual warriorship).  From honest-tongued Pema Chodron to the clear wisdom depths of the ever-smiling Dali Lama's throat chakra.  From the former Portuguese laughing drinking sparkling blue islands, The Azores, to the white-washed and foresty mountainous end-of-the-Living-Earth, Cape Town, SA…cup-half-full people are saying yes! To energy.  To synergy.  To healing.  To happiness.    Darkling others may wait in silence emitting an inner growl of “no” -  While Waiting for Godot.


With my 86-year artist mother aging slowly and my frisky brilliant one-of-a-kind granddaughter soon to start pre-school, there’s drama and instability at both ends of the tree with me trying to hold steady in the middle (use FES Redwood essence for alignment).  Much of my stress manifests in my lower back and keeps on digging deeper.  What’s the plan?  Avoiding pain?  Doesn’t work.  Hay!  Dive into the healing work.  Numero Uno.  Honestly embrace higher and lower self.  I am where I am NOW.…  As Time’s breathed and winged holy angel pierces the seven spiritual mystery veils, seven gates to the city, seven sacred arches of the rainbow, seven first fundamental planets, layer by layer, and inner focus is real reality.  Should I fear?  Should I rejoice?  Choice.  How do we inspire choice?  The energy to change?  Transform?  Phoenix?  The status quo is so….mosquito sticky!  (Bach Walnut essence fosters all transitions)

With more aches and pains than usual this past year….lower back, butt, a nasty broken toe (Louise Hay says all pain has to do with guilt, she equates most ailments with relinquishing our power and not loving ourselves.  I find this consistently true for me).  So now comes a time, Aquarian, when I/we must choose health and happiness, maybe choose over and over, maybe two times in one day, maybe two times in one hour, where in earlier times – apparently lighter times – we may have taken much for granted.  Expected?  Owed?  Entitled?  Though wise is the wandering soul, The Tarot’s Fool, The Zero, who practices gratitude and childlike wonderment with a spacious radiant indigo third eye at any age.  Station.  Circumstance.  Sow now.

I Love MY Buttocks
My buttocks grow more beautiful every day.  They are the seat of my power.  I know I am a powerful being.  I recognize and accept my power.  I choose the thoughts that enable me to use my power lovingly and wisely. It feels wonderful to be powerful.   I love and appreciate my beautiful buttocks. (from You Can Heal Your Body by Louise Hay, where she offers metaphysical causes for all “dis-eases”.

Louise says all pain comes from guilt; our normally unconscious desire to be punished.  Today, NOW! I am willing to be innocent.  I am willing to be pain-free and celebrate my body and radiant good health.  I choose radiant good health NOW.

How do you do the do?  Day by blessed day?  If your mind starts sinking with a blood red orange sunset in the parched dumb-luck newness of the West, try an Eastern Turkish delight teal waterfall-cold shower.  Try etching out the shapes of your creations?

What can I do today to create courage and confidence?  For starters.


Cheerily cherry
July 14, 2012 as Mercury goes retrograde and the Leo new moon slivers into the 19th of July.

Sea Sea
Photo by Linda Cohen, South Beach, 7/3/2012