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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Full Moon Alignment

Photo by Evan Kanew - Cherry helps align Bee with Chakra balancing crystals;-)

Alignment....Full Aquarian Moon August 1, 2012 Sun in Leo High Summer... Mercury retrograde until August 8.

From Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins under “Seven of Earth:  The Garden”
Saturn in Taurus
Has not new conception occurred?
Cast out the old –
And know
If you are suffering
It is only from gestational malaise.
And further on…There is no truth in the idea that one can “regress” on one’s path.  All “setbacks” and “failures” are for a higher purpose, if only for the purpose of eliminating or changing an idea that has decreased in worth.  In every uncomfortable situation, you come closer to realizing your potential.  You discover seeds for new growth.  Lastly…At The Seven of Earth, The Garden, the key is in knowing that the way we define our own reality has a self-fulfilling potency…

Hectic dreams of being in a humongous healing spa with my very oldest friend, my “old same”, that one person who travels the path most similarly to you from youth to ancient wisdom times.  Many levels and many forms of treatments.  Large areas of sky-blue ocean waters.  Always pulsing passionately inside me, the aspiration to dive, swim, cleanse, renew, rebirth with mama sea’s baptismal arms around me.  And the silvery moon.   The priestess moon as Isis.  The golden white sparkling flecked-blue sunlight… and shimmering violet orgone of the clear potent day.   Yin and yang.   Complementary.  All infuse necessary healing elements and rays.  The salt, crystal iridescent sea salt, the rainbow light(s), the buoyant aqua embryonic fluid.  Here, peace to recalibrate myself, heal, balance body, mind, Spirit.  Feel my holy angels.  See and pray to the evanescent massive Light Body Dharma Locas, guardians of the places where we embody ourselves… sacred spaces of land, sea, mountains, rain forests,  and too… the secret places.  Unseen.

The healing waters often recede before I can reach them, in my dreams.  I am “stuck” rearranging my beach bag, trying to find a joint, or have lost my door key or misplaced my sun block or it’s simply getting too dark by the time I arrive.  So much to organize, check on, keep straight!  Perhaps releasing some of my 29 degree Virgo obsessive compulsive anal nature just might be more fun and get me to the healing sun on time.  Yes, that, and aligning consciously with my own energy flow, allowing my own energy to guide me.  Not all the shoulds,  guilt trips and jarring flows of other usually well-meaning beings which can often trip me up.  Not depending on, nor being dependant upon, “friends” to always “keep me company” on those train rides of intersecting circles, forever stuck in traffic created by the scattered mind.  Better a deep breath of turquoise freedom, liberation from my fears inside a highly “managed” life-stream.  Just to be prepared.  Always have your Plan B in your backpack or scribbled in your iPhone notes, along with your “I am always joyously flowing on my perfect path where peace and joy radiate through me to All beings.  And a favorite traveling crystal or two. Black Tibetan Quartz and the inner peace of Scolecite.
  • I move forward in life with ease and grace.
  • I am willing to release my pain.
  • I can love others and still have healthy boundaries.
  • I am always guided by my higher self.
  • I am re-constellating myself to embody more Light/Love.
  • I am completely self-healing.
  •  Most anything can be healed.
  • I am relaxed and revitalized.
  • We are All traveling together The Path of Light and Love.  One.
Reading Judy Satori's Sunshine Before the Dawn, Yogananda's Metaphysical Meditations, and Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Body. These nights I am sleeping with my Shiva Lingam crystal from India under my pillow which I purchased at Namaste Bookshop (and got a baby one for my 2 and 3/4s granddaughter Bee, who sang me a full rendition of “In the Good Old Summertime” today) for aligning and awakening my Kundalini energy erratically traveling my challenged spinal column.  As well as my translucent hexagonal Optical Calcite crystal (Namaste) to help me see many points of view for every situation.

Essences I am using:  FES Arnica for conscious embodiment, especially after trauma, for reclaiming those “lost” parts of myself; Julia Graves’ Green Tara Asparagus for spinal realignment; FES Manzanita to view and treat the body as the temple of the Spirit; Pacific Essences Cellular Memory for my cells to remember and recreate their highest cellular nature; HH Bach Impatiens (self explanatory!); HH Bach Rock Water to keep flowing through the many slings and arrows of outrageous fortune; FES Iris to be incandescently creative through the tunnels of light and dark; FES Self Heal to stimulate my own natural healing forces and make me more aware of what I need for my healing. Back doc's assessment of my challenges re:  lumbar region...forget yoga ( which I have been practicing for 35 years very conscientiously), especially and backbends (yoga is the cause of more than 55% of the injuries and chronic back conditions he treats!) and mitigate stress.  Hi Ho!

from The Quiet Mind by White Eagle YOU ARE DIVINE   In the spheres of light, all souls are tranquil, with shining, Godlike faces.  Every piece of work is executed perfectly, and the effort of all is applied to further the happiness of the community.  Always, in your inner selves and in your quiet moments, you can rise into this perfect life, and receive from those who dwell there the inspiration to live likewise on earth.  Don't make the excuse that you are only human.  With all the force of the truth in us, we say, we know, that you are divine.

Clearing the dross…We all have the opportunity to Lighten Up.

Angel Alignment photo at Columbus Circle by Linda Cohen