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Sunday, November 04, 2012

All Hallow’s Eve early morning October 31, 2012 7:35 am

Scary Crane After Sandy - Photo by Linda Cohen

All Hallow’s Eve early morning October 31, 2012 7:35 am

Still an eerie aftermath of massive storm Sandy with much of New York and surroundings still in shock, in the dark and immobile. No Halloween Parade tonight. Dreams and more dreams…intense vivid and symbolic.

Dreamed I was in some Peyton Place sort of setting. I was being very polarized about people, judging facades and detesting certain people’s clothing colors and manners of speech, their “neediness” and perceived personality defects. I wanted none of them…just to get away to my own “peace”. I had a boyfriend, partner, who I was trying to explain my deep conflicted and rejecting feelings to. He kept trying to show me that in everything and everyone I saw (and judged) there was another side… a really good side… to all those I was fed up with. He showed me, painfully, that I was a clear mirror for what I perceived and that what I “put out” emotionally was exactly what I got back. He got me to soften up and see and experience everything much more openly, so my “dark” relationships could turn around, and how I was creating these dark relationships and perceptions with my own murky feelings. I’m guessing that was my “inner male” helping me to balance the wildly lunar female let loose with such a watery emotional time. High tides.

 Many many “advanced” initiatory dream lessons in this Sandy full-moon waking tides. Every night for several weeks, a deep inner plane teaching on “Letting Go” of anger and fear…. There is so much scrambling and fear rushing through this city right now… struggling to return to normalcy. Sandy so much worse than could have been imagined. So much darkness in the amps of lower Manhattan the “outer” boroughs, New Jersey…And so so many brave and determined souls working hard to set things right. My good friend Arthur was recuperating in NYU hospital from a serious infection; the entire hospital had to be evacuated Monday night. NYU Hospital’s generator failed, with all lights and electricity out by 9pm as the super-storm was hitting full thrust. When I finally located him at Lenox Hill last night by cell, he told of unimaginable strength and bravery of the workers who carried him and 226 others to safety. The first responders carried him, and many others, in a “raft” of hospital beds down six flight of stairs in the pitch black. How the ambulances were lined up, more than 50 of them, taking the sick and injured to many different hospitals around the city to safety and light.

As the rip tides of Sandy are fading, we here face years of rebuilding while The Washington Post is calling the storm New York City’s Katrina. So much flooding. Salt water surges. Is our water safe? The Earth is surely being cleansed as am I in my moon-dreams…the meanness of my smaller self clearly lit in the subconscious of my lucid and vivid dreaming. A flashlight on my soul. Symbolic parables inside reflecting truths I need to be aware of. Am I bringing this knowingness to the Earth plane? Can I soften and change? Be more open? Less fixed? Perhaps my dreams are actually changing me – with The Priest of the Moon (see Dion Fortune’s Sea Priestess) orchestrating His magic. Perhaps these barriers of myself are changing with so many prayers and brighter intentions. On the Day of the Dead.

Now it’s 9:15am…Drew the bedroom temple curtains to streaks of temperate blue skies and piercing sunlight. Maybe the deluge is drying up. The hundreds of thousands of Arcs finding olive branched shores with circling white doves. We here will never be the same with this knowledge and experience of the force of Mother Nature; and probably we should not be the same. But changed by the challenges and resolutions we make now (I will create a “go bag”; I will keep cash in the house). Hopefully we will be wiser and more in harmony for this “predicted” time. No one is to blame but the ignorant who refuse to believe the world is changing and that we must take a hand, both hands, to preserve our airs and oceans. Can we learn? At least greater tolerance and consideration.

I did have long beautiful heart-full conversations yesterday with friends I’d not spoken with in many months. I did get a lovely text from my young niece Emily asking if my family was well. I did find my neighborhood homemade soup shop open yesterday, selling whatever they could prepare for hungry tourists and smiles and sharing, as befit a lightening mood. Hopefully… hope fully.

Using powerful essences:  Alaskan Soul Support, FES Grounding Green, Jane Bell Hawaiian Caldera and Pleasure-full, HH Bach Holly, FES Tansy for goal-oriented action, FES Borage for courage and lots of HH Bach Five Flower Formula to stay present and purposeful.

Affirm:  Light always follow darkness.  I am waking up to new radiant soulful energy.

Kitty and Pigeon - Photo by Even Kanew on All Hallow's Eve 2012