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Tuesday, January 01, 2013

B’ Bye 2012! Hello LOVE

Flower Power - Photo by Linda Cohen

B’ Bye 2012!  Hello LOVE

December 15th Saturn’s Day 2012  6:22 am ~~~~

                I think I got a wee little sleep these past two days.  This day, I am semi-awakened - cocooned between two worlds.  I almost feel…   as the cold room around me and the pale green digital hands read 6:02 on the steady unblinking horizontal face of my black wooden bedside clock…I feel an old fear and deep etched fright – that I was some place back in my soul journey thirty 30 years ago, with little soul work having been done. Clueless.    A horrid place where I was totally and utterly lost, my father  just died, my ex-husband about to remarry, and me struggling through a thick dark fetid web of inertia and dread.  Nearly unable to create the energy to get up to get to a job (which rhymes with lob, as in the lobotomy I felt I needed at that workplace) I had then working as a telecommunications op at The Cigna Insurance Company from 5:30am to noon.  Who was that lost woman treading through Bardos of many spirit deaths and few new rebirths?  O my holy Goddess!   Was that time of no times a hang-over bummer!

                Realizing it is NOW, and not then, as I jar a bit more towards waking into the day,  I am so grateful my body joys and coos with the energy I am today.  No easy lifetime this one.  But through another rabbit hole in a year, 2012, of darkling-pressured rabbit holes…feeling to the light through the black-hole tunnel vision.  I am so filled with the Light and Hope for all the issues I have worked (and am still working through) on and through.  To have good friends.  And work, now, I love.  To have a family that loves and forgives and has fun and is bold!  To be grateful for being thin and having long straight high-light blond hair (obsessions in early years that clouded every day)…superficial though these “ornaments”’ be.   I forgive and accept my obsession, addictions, preferences with a bit lighter hand and heart than the gavel of doom I used to condemn …My life, inexorably altered for the better, reading, “WHO DIES” by Stephen and Ondrea Levine.  Learning of the freedom “open” hearted souls may find in the wake of an apparently painful death…leading to joyful liberation.  I yearn for that non-attachment and still yearn too to accept the all of me.  I don’t believe The Great Masters, any,  from Jesus to Guru Rinpoche ever judged….Energy IS.  Using a lot of HH Bach Rock Water to flow and Holly to open my heart-space.    Wearing Malachite and Moldovite and Isis and Lakshmi.

                Working with flower essences these past twenty five years.  With FES Pretty Face to help me develop an attitude and perception and acceptance of inner and outer beauty.   Manzanita by FES to help me view my body as the Temple of my Soul.  So many issues, so many shadows, so much Light to pray for… and to send. Five times a day "sipping" Alaskan Soul Support essence which includes Chalice Well, Ruby and Malachite.

                And of course, it’s never finished.  Not in this life.  Not in the next.  And the next.  And next.  Working the heavy rusted ploughs in the fetid fields of emotional constipation, often  with my family that trace back to the very beginnings of time and separation and Ego, and trying to break down the walls of separateness I worked so hard to create these past sixty years.  Build it up.  Break it down.  Update my heart and consciousness.  My heart is consciousness.  Today – it is like I am reborn in a new me- so much older yet so much younger, the younger and older switching places on our life paths many times  as we grow….for we do grow.  Only feels like we go backwards sometimes.

                Towards the butterfly.  Activation of hope and new growth manifest. Free-fall butterfly.  We do.  So much younger for the Grace and chances to come up.  For air.  So scary, yet profound, that state of time between two times.  Now filled with a self I’d not a hint could ever have formed, not back then in the darkness of The Void.  All the tests and trials and self-mutilations to get to this juncture, this finishing of business in 2012.  A tough and unforgiving year for the most part for me and yet a welcome feeling of redemption nearing its end.  A profound gratitude for the life I’ve stumbled and stammered out and been guided to create.  Thank you guides, angels, Nature Sprits, All.  Nurse Di ane.  And my Old Same, poopie and pooh-head, and Revelations Baby Bee.

                And hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….  Well O yes.  I will be at work today.  This cold and very clarifying brisk December, near the new moon in Scorpio, Saturday morning.  I am.  Teaching about the healing power of flowers, at Flower Power Herbs and Roots, where every mini-workshop is a joy and amplification of my StarPath… and healing revelations in epiphanies with my students.  Downtown on First Ave and Ninth teaching the healing art (the “healer’s art” as TS Elliot put it in Wasteland) Dr. Bach brought forth in England in the 1930s. Nature’s vitamins for the emotions.  The fine hopeful art of using flower essences and gem elixirs to clear negative emotions and promote positive “virtues” so we may be healthier and more expressive of our true “purposes” this life, especially the experience and sharing of love and joy.  As we peel away our traumas like an onion being shorn to its white crystal center.  Core.

December 31, 2012 3:55 pm - moon void of course - moving towards Leo in the crevice of the new year.

OM Wow.  Zow.  What a wrenching and trial-bearing week this has been.  I was “getting better” but didn’t realize some core truths I needed to feel and better understand to release these knots and cords of anger and resentment.   Taking FES Sacred Heart for healing relationships, Holly to be loving, Pine to release guilt, Alaskan Rainbow Glacier for cleansing my astral body and a gloriously helpful gem essence to more fully bring in the Light Body  by Owl Medicine Woman and fellow Goddess Mary Vukovic, crystal healer par excellance ( ) if you want to know more.  So many glorious tools supporting my choice to Lighten Up.  Including my 15-year working relationship with my “limitless” “un”minded chiropractor Robert Aresse at 36 East 23 Street, a deep and progressive healer.  The knots are loosening and the fragrance of a forrest green peace prevails walking up Central Park South watching the guard prepare for the ball-dropping marking of time, into 2013.

O mySelf – remember to pay attention to all the good each and every day.  To share a smile and eye (I) contact.  To catch myself before I begin to spin so far out I forget who I AM.  Made a tasty juice of organic carrot, ginger, kale and celery with dropper fulls of licorice and burdock root.  Breathing in the rainbow light to every cell when I remember.  Feeling my hardness melt.  Picking up a mini vodka or two for later tonight after dinner with my mom, watching treasured! Reruns of Sex and the City til the ball drops.  When there is peace in me, the cosmos feels so peace-full.  Lightly, powder-pink Kunzite and Morganite lightly into the new breadth of thyme.

PS  Reading The Best Year of Your Life by Debbie Ford, Dream It, Plan It, Live It
And lots of Tarot Cards and Runes…. Judy Satori activations, pink Himalayan crystal salt soaks. Gratitude.
Blessed Be Freya, Goddess of Light

Star Light - Photo by Linda Cohen