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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bach to Basics

I See The Light
Photo by Linda Cohen,
August 2014, Full Moon's Eve

For the first year since 2005, I will not be facilitating a Goddess Circle. I am taking this time NOW to delve deeply into “new” flower essences which I will share with you in blogs and upcoming workshops. I am also taking this “pregnancy” of time to delve deeply into The Tarot, a beautiful esoteric science which I have always been drawn to, and practiced for myself and others, for many, many years. I am currently in the process of being Voyager Tarot certified with Master James Wanless whose intricate, mysterious, Tantric enlightening and mesmerizingly beautiful collage-imaged cards I have studied for twenty-five years, as well as being enrolled in an extensive and intensive year-long plus Tarot Apprenticeship program with Wise Woman, Ellen Goldberg, "Holistic Psychotherapist," teaching through The New York Open Center.

I will continue offering Apprenticeships in flower essence therapy; with making myself available for private sessions with clients as well as in-depth teachings on the flower essences and related vibrational energetics at Flower Power, Namaste, Quest Book Store and The META Center. Teachings will begin in September and my motto at this juncture is…. Bach to Basics! With a vision to teach and explore the original 38 essences of Dr. Edward Bach before going on to “newer” essence lines, my workshops with focus initially on what is a flower essences? And how are essences used in healing? featuring the life and work of Dr. Edward Bach. I will be offering private Tarot readings as well. The Tarot readings may be paired with flower essence therapy, though not necessarily.

I have meditated long and deep on “next steps” and am thrilled that my Higher StarPath is opening up to me in ways I could not have foreseen even a year ago. My Goddess Circle work will reach its current pinnacle in a pilgrimage to Greece in September of 2015, (primarily Mykanos and Santorini) to experience and further my/our connection and manifestation of The Living Goddess, The Divine Feminine.

One last note, as it was my time to release The Alaskan Essences from my healing work, “new” essences literally flooded my dreams and my reality. The amazing Hawaiian Essences by Jane Bell are bringing me back in touch with pleasure as a source of natural guidance into the Light. I have also been reintroduced to The Chalice Well Essences, all prepared in the most sacred manner in the Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury, England. With these essences such as pristine Cherry Blossom, Trinity of Holy Thorn, Golden Rose, Snowdrop and Yew, I am claiming my innocence, joy, laughter, sacred connection to All of Nature seen and unseen and most importantly the radar of my own intuition and guidance to manifest my highest truths in the living and the sharing! I will be teaching about these essences, along with Bach, as the year progresses.

I suggest we all get Bach to Basics and venture deep in Bach territory, as here is our Gold Standard for flower essences, made in England, as Dr. Bach prescribed, by Julian Barnard and imported to the US by The Flower Essence Society, my personal overall favorite line. These include not only the incredible 103 Quintessential FES essences made in the tradition of Dr. Bach, but also the brilliant radiance of FES’ Range of Light, a “higher octave” of the original FES essences which are sublime in every way. To single out FES Range of Light Joshua Tree is to affirm, “I AM MY OWN BRANCH!” as I traverse the intersecting levels of a new reality we may all embrace as LOVE.

Blossoms, Bubbles & Bee
Photo by Linda Cohen,
Central Park, Summer 2014