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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Angel Aqua Aura Gem Essence - June 20, 2016 -- Summer Solstice / Full Moon in Sag

 Ashni, Anna & Linda
As crystals are transformed into elixir
In the brilliant Light of The Summer Solstice
June 20, 2016 at Bethesda Fountain NYC

 This magical essence, made from two sparkling rainbow-hued types of quartz crystals was prepared on one of the most potent and astrologically rare days in many years…

On June 20, 2016, both the Summer Solstice and full moon in Sagittarius (an event that happens in unison only once every 30 years!) occurred on the same day! The elixir was prepared at sacred Bethesda Fountain, presided over by The Angel of the Waters, and named for a holy place in Jerusalem where Jesus did miraculous healings in the Bethesda Pool. I believe The Fountain to be one of the most sacred sites in New York City*** with magical healing powers and energies that span from the Earth’s iron crystal core on up to the heavens.

Both types of crystals are among the only crystals that are deeply and powerfully treated alchemically by man - by infusing them with gold, silver and platinum, giving them both sparkling, radiant, iridescent bodies of apparent rainbow light and the softest aqua, pink, gold, silvery, and angelic-white glows. When I first encountered each of these beguiling crystals at Namaste Bookshop where I work as a flower essence therapist, I instantly fell in love and had to start collecting both. The Angel Aura is a cool frosty-white and rainbowy specimen that sparkles of angels’ presence and an otherworldly beauty. The Aqua Aura is a dazzling iridescent aqua blue - infused with the palest lavenders, baby pinks and moon-silvery pure white tinges of evanescent pearlescent light.

I have been facilitating a Goddess Circle for the past 12 years. Our mantra refrain is “I am a Holy Being, I am a Living Goddess”. This year our “theme” has been The Path of Beauty, creating inner and outer beauty to inspire ourselves and others as one means to higher consciousness. I chose these two most bewitching crystals to be constant reminders of our highest mission within our Circle, to create, maintain and share inner and outer beauty for our own enlightenment and the enlightenment of All Beings. So it was only natural that I chose these two in combination to make our essence, and essence that is made by no one else anywhere!

As I had been collecting the finest brightest most angelic specimens for the past six years, I had many beautiful stones to use in our essence making. And in alignment with the fact that special astrological events have a 3 day lead in and out… I put the stones in a glass jar in Fiji spring water in direct sunlight on my window sill for 3 days before taking them and the holy water to the fountain to make our essence, a heavenly booster, since the days leading up to and including the Solstice were among the most beautiful bright sunny days this year. We placed the stones and the already crystal-infused crystal water in a crystal bowl on the earth before the Fountain, filled it with Fiji water, covered it with light cheese cloth and recited our many prayers and songs, including the 72 names of God, Dylan’s “Forever Young” and invited many angelic, Devic, Nature Spirits and all holy Beings of Light to be with us and infuse our essence with their highest healing nature’s. Magical day, as our elixir brewed with the elements…Earth, Air, Water, Fire and our deepest intentions. We could actually see angelic beings (I even thought I saw the 3 Magi in our essence) dancing ‘neath the natural white cloth covering the essence. It sparkled and baked for 4 hours before appearing to be done to perfection. We mixed the flower water with an equal part of organic brandy… as we finalized the process of preparing the Mother Tincture.



 Take 3 drops by mouth several times a day, especially when you wake and at bedtime, away from food….or simply when you want to feel filled with holy rainbow Light, Love and Inspiration.
One ounce Mother Tincture $150. One ounce stock bottle $30.