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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thought Vs. Will and Affirmations

Greetings! Today, I am starting another 30 day round of the "Abundance From the Garden Affirmation Plan" - and am having immediate experiences of Lakshmi abundance! I am doing my affirmations along with zinnia, tansy, gold, pyrite, northern lights and star ruby. I want to share an insight that I believe is affecting my experience. I recently read an essay by Rudolph Steiner in which he explains the difference between "thoughts" and "will." He says that "thoughts" are associated with our "nerves," whereas "will" is associated with our "blood." He also says that true imagination begins in the will - not in thought. As I do my affirmations with the essences, I am "doing" them - rather than "thinking" them - from a place of deep will. I am literally imagining myself IN the abundance of each affirmation - a much more powerful experience than merely thinking and saying the words. Today's example is: "I step into the Garden. I open my being - knowing that I am supported in the Garden. In the Garden, I am whole. I see my whole self reflected in all life - I AM FLOW." Instead of thinking the words, I am IN that garden dancing around in flow! A subtle yet profound shift that I wanted to share. I thank Rudolph Steiner for the always illuminating guidance! As well as the wisdom of the flowers and our own Flower Faery Linda!! Hope you are all being blessed by Lakshmi!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

The "News" Is Harmony

OK already the start of a new month - the love month. For me this is also the activity as well as the prosperity kick off month. I spent most of January in the cave, healing, juicing, writing, reading, sleeping and dreaming. Now it's time to head towards Spring, in intention and in activity.
I've signed up for the full "Artist's Way" with Julian Cameron given for 12 weeks through the Open Center. I think it'll be a great way to rev up my energy. Between morning pages and "artist's dates" - new activity rises with the sun. Of course you all know there is baby Bee. She's now 2 1/2 months young and strong and joyful. I am so happy to be spending quality time with my granddaughter; we love each other unconditionally:-)
I'm back in yoga twice a week and heading out for dance class soon, salsa, as ever.
I feel as though I've had many challenges this past month, more than usual. There's the hopes for the new year pitted up against the stillness of January. Bee had a horrid cold. I've several new neighbors move in and out - for me, this imposition on my space, the noise, the moving, the unfamiliar faces and routines has taken a heavy toll on my skeletal system. I had acupunture again for the first time in two years along with a prescription for bone marrow soup! Oy! Not sure about that.
One thing I am certain of is that the WORD FOR THIS MONTH FOR ME IS HARMONY - INNER HARMONY BRINGS OUTER HARMONY. I am One with Spirit. This simple thought is helping to release the tension and mindbog that have been plaguing me.
Please tune in to the new vibration of February. Heart to Heart. Soul to Soul. Body to Soul. And share your thoughts and epiphanies as well as your harmony and laughter. Love!