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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Lost My Head :)

Photo by Linda Cohen

Saturn’s Day July 9th 9:55am

Yesterday, July 8th, 2011
I lost my head!
In a living-goddess demons’ feeding frenzy.
My loving raspberry-pink resolve -
Dissolved…. to onyx anti-matter.
I tight-roped the Hell
Realms. Soot-sticky, deceptive
Spirit-fly-paper grabbing my clockwise spinning chakras–
And Hungry Ghosts with long pine needle-straw lips feeding
On my yellow Swiss cheese aura -
Sucked themselves in…switched my Ocean-Blue Right Brain-
Disk and sword-split me back to back. Back/Kcab.
Into my original hermaphroditic halves –
Sparring for the neon-amethyst Soul-control
Danger flashing Dakini-dashboard.
In a dizzying whirlpool spiral-red descent….
The timer set for twelve DST hours the suckers
5’D(ed) the life-screen into fraxeled crack-nail
Holograms trying to kidnap my cherry Buddha Nature!
All the light-years, eons, evanescent edgy borders of “real” time -
Short-circuited, thick puce summer
Airs swelling with crimson mosquito blood -
Gorgonic astral electric storms threatening!
Blinding wicked mescal visions, inserting tape loops reversed
In my shook-up confused curly frontal cortex. O yea
I let my guard down and was raped!
By my own Shadow.
Azure cosmic seas within gone! lost!
My Bodichitta heart-mind twitching in self-blame. So oh oh HO
What could IIIIIIIIIII do?
I could not fight
My own dark knight
Such are these delusions coming from dead roses
And putrid peat moss.
Somewhere around Astoria Boulevard on the N train
Torrid tourmaline charcoal skies broke open….
Zeus’ mighty thunderbolt emblazoned an ivory Peace Sign –
In the jet-black starless fulcrum
Of the evening’s swift eclipsing shift.
My Greek friends – S and M - waving from the East
End of the station where my dazed head hovered furtively.
I could see Burger King and Pizza Heaven…
Pulling in the station remembering….
My recollection serves Santorini-orange-gold emblazoned sunsets and
Crystal white wine foam from the exquisite volcanic Grecian isle -
Which soon I would be sipping. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
We join at the top of the dripping gray
Now friendly subway stairs, European -
Kisses, two-cheeked, as my head alights
Twixt my shoulder blades where 3D life resumes.
The rainy world round me takes a solid form.
Thrilled to be myself in a TGIF moment.
Determined! no more to let my mind stray and decay so far below
Her calming turquoise alpha-surface.
On an aimless humid funky July day…Grateful. Now. To Be.
A bit more awake
For the Fall.

Flower switch up for new flow~~~
Blackberry (for physical manifestation); Desert Lily (for Goddess moisture in the desert of our urban lives); Pretty Face (to feel pretty inside and out); California Peony (for lusciousness in lower female chakras); AdiLakxmi (for flow); Asparagus (consciousness of straight spine from Julia Graves @ Flower Power); Medjugorjie Mallow (for Grace); Saraswati Muse from healingforharmony (for seeing beauty in all things: Walnut (to break the links that bind me still); and a new Pacific Essence "New Attitudes". As always Alaskan Chalice Well (for feeling the support of all of nature).

Photo by Linda Cohen

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Slay the Ego

Slay the Ego
(from the Secret Dakini Oracle by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger)
photo by Linda Cohen

Blog: June 29th 8:09 am

The “slogan” I pulled from Training the Mind, and Cultivating Loving Kindness (Atisha’s 59 slogans…from a translation by Chogyam Trungpa) ~~~
#42 Which ever of the two occurs, be patientExtremes of suffering and happiness are the result of karma, and therefore need to be accepted. The main point is whether good or bad “happens”, be patient and remain on The Path (to higher consciousness, enlightenment, being open and loving, non-reactive and in the flow.) Practice the dharma either way.
This is so important to aspire to. Inner tranquility to hold to one’s center. Peace full. Sourcing! Giving. Non-reactive. Flowing. Opening up to free ourselves of fear and lack. Opening ourselves to our and others’ highest good.

Life is precious mystery. A gift of Creative Spirit which is our very nature. We careen off each other’s rainbow-chakra energy, karma – new patterns, shape-shiftings, forming, dissolving, forming, dissolving. Shiva’s eternal dance. Flaming-tongued onyx-skinned Kalima’s sweeping the stage of Being clean. Being the Chariot Driver/Deep Sea Diver unwavering on the strong, steady, balanced neon-cobalt-blue with silver day-glow stars surf boards of your inner guidance, inner stability - to navigate the rich and oft’ times turbulent oceans which are the infra-red to ultra violet waters of our currents, lifestreams.

The cards are THE HIGH PRIESTESS foundation-ing THE QUEEN OF CUPS (hearts). As above. So below. I perceive so much strong sacred female energy flowing into our male dominated (for eons) psyches and cultures, shifting the scales of Yin and Yang towards balance. I know this BeCause the aspiration is emanating from within me and all who aspire “Heaven” on Earth. And what is coming from me is coming from Source. SHE IS HERE. Her love. Her wisdom owl. Her sacred mossy sea-caves. Her sweet morning blueberry’s pollen spun like violet cotton candy spores through the new summer green fields. The dappled dancing wild flowers, Queen of the Meadows. Her crystal clear waterfalls of Ochun, like splashing angel-light, renewing, refreshing, pure. Her spring-fed Dakini clear turquoise ponds where the stillness of the glassy surface coolly reflects the incandescent smiles and coded wings of Concord dragonflies carrying messages from other dimensions. Her daughter’s first steps. Her aching passion to express every nana-aspect of HerSelf inside the All. And when She dances, seven diaphanous secret veils may unveil…butterfly bells tinkling and flowing gypsy auburn hair like fire burning dust into purest gold. She is the soul of it. The (w)hole to be impregnated, the empty space of receptivity unbound and when She weeps The Black Madonnas feel this sadness and send Her love, uncontrived and free.

Blue Lotus oil from Thailand. Rachel Podger’s exquisite Bach sonatas. Burning sticks of Moldavite, from Namaste (2 West 14th Street), and thick resin amber oil anoints. New essences will arrive soon from India and the West Coast (Pacific Essences).

A time to ponder summer goals, inner and outer, as July alights this new moon in Cancer, solar eclipse. Spirit goals, and for writing, dancing, money, love, travel, work, home, new disciplines and new adventures in breaking the bonds of illusion. Using tons of Blackberry essence (physical manifestation), Manzanita (my body is the temple of my Soul), Walnut (the link-breaker), Alaskan Northern Lights (for amazement), Portage Glacier (for release) and the purest Gold gem elixir to golden me…..
- All I want and need comes easily and naturally to me.
- I am filled with radiant creative energy and beauty.
- I am with the right man for me.
- I fully accept and embrace the energy of divine love.
- I am learning to love and accept myself (Pine very helpful!)

(From Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakin, PH.D.

All knowledge of dark and light forces
Is good; every experience contains
a message for growth; listen and you will
hear the message of your own inner
teacher guiding you in this mysterious
time; attune to faith; you are accessing
hidden or secret knowledge; be aware
of all signals in your environment;
attune to impulses; remember, retaining
memory is the third mode of empowerment;
the gift of insight is now at hand.

Affirm: I joyfully and fearlessly accept the higher path I have chosen in this lifetime.

The Hight Priestress (from The Cosmic Tarot)
photo by Linda Cohen