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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crystal Changes

Photo of Isis Alter by Linda Cohen

ps: New moon in Virgo Sunday (no sun) August 28th, inside out of Hurricane Irene’s cleansing wakes~~~

Crystal Changes

Saturn’s Day Augusto 27th, 9:55 I am She

Hurricane Irene approaches. Shut down city plus transportation for the first time ever! Just last week a Virginia earthquake (see Edgar Cayce) so very rare an East Coast event. Now it’s just me myself and Irene…and the soul-felt stillness in the ethers before a wrathful face of Mother Nature shows.

No booze for 26 days. Since Augusto 1st. First for me too. Learning temperance to more fully align with my soul-star’s intent at this pivotal juncture in The Ages. Having worked on this: (1) clearing; and (2) attachment-free intention in synergistic ways these past six months to move to a different energetic pattern, I am able to feel and act more on Thy will. I AM ISIS. ISIS I MA. I AM KALI. I am a tall-grass eating emerald green lizard wild woman who is course-correcting for balance and body/soul harmony.

The Priestess Way….xtra beauty within, without… and perceived in All
(see cherrie seed’s Saraswati Muse essence)

Reminds me of “cleansing” in the ancient Temples of Beauty and Sacrifice, having my feathers and scales removed in MU (Lemuria) and Atlantis during the dizzying incarnation process. For the new-skin-suit rejuvenation program, along with balancing left and right hemispheres of the brain, I am using meditation, flower essences, sound and light waves and currently esp into gem crystals for healing physically and emotionally, thought amplification and the enhancement of all good quality of mood and state of mind. Rekindled the old flames of amethyst (higher guidance), ruby (deep heart chakra), gold (the inner and outer bodies of alchemical transformation), copper (as it ever was, great conductor), sapphire (upper chakras), purple fluorite (amplify the higher mind) et al. As a direct result of working in Namaste Bookshop (offering amazing crystals and crystal expertise from staff) my passion for crystals is reactivated along with a time-honored use of gem elixirs. Especially drawn to the higher consciousness stones (facilitate inter-dimensional travel, dream work, deep connection to divine beings and feeling states including unconditional love, self love, inner peace, creative power (selenite, pheynacite, morganite, kunzite, scolecite, clear apophyllite, sugalite, pink calcite, honey calcite, moldavite, ocean jasper…to name names). Of course, must! continue working on lower more EarthStar, grounding chakras.

Gem elixirs are available through Pegasus, Pacific Essences, Alaskan Essences et al.

AH. There’s Lou Reed’s crooning in the background, “take a walk on the wild side.” Far as I can see, the wild side now is The Middle Way (not my natural nor genetic predisposition). I know the value of and am aware that this is my next step up the ladder toward greater all-aspect-freedom. Edges of new attitudes are cleaner, clearer, crispier…as I am more able to align with them. Healing Herb Bach Walnut flower essence for breaking links, for transitions and for psychic protection; Alaskan gem elixir Kunzite, for the divine love vibration; Pegasus Scolecite, for inner peace and spinal/chakra (shushumna) alignment; and Julia Grave’s Green Tara Essences (at Flower Power), especially lilies for grace, flow; Cherrie Seed’s Healing for Harmony essences, AdiLaxmi for flow, DhanaLaxmi for prosperity, PujaLaximi for gratitude; and occasional supportive under-the-tongue hits of FES Blackberry, for physical manifestation and Pretty Face, to foster inner and outer beauty (one’s perception thereof).

After a decidedly inward couple of years, now feeling the impetus to journey to new realms in mind, body, Spirit. Infinite gratitude to Nourhan Sharif, my Egyptian belly dance teacher, a fiery goddess of dance oriental, a life-giver, a sustainer goddess - for helping me raise my high-scorpio energy. Great joy from and to delicious grandchild Bee. Experiencing new levels of health and honesty in family and friends… while we dance through rainbow light alchemical soul-fires toward a brave new EarthStar birthing.

May Irene’s cleansing winds and sweeping waters
Usher in a brilliant new September ~~~
And may the harvest bee
Abundance for All
Good Health.

Photo of Isis Altar by Linda Cohen

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunless Sunday

Photo in Central Park by Linda Cohen

Sunless Sunday August 14th, 9:35 m (mother of) a (adventure)
Year of Our Lady 2011

The night-long, thick
The slate sunless sky
The deliverance of tympani suites of rain
Cloud-filled sheets under a ripe full moon invisible
Into fathomless Pisces and whereby
Breathlessly rattles summer’s heat again, againe, whose climax is…
Foreshadowing a new fall.
Still as the swells of Inanna’s
Grace-filled ocean heartbeat –
Where She gathers Herselve’s full passion
For Her light revealing Equinox rise
Earth’s balanced day -
one week
One month
One Season

Then. August 13th into 14th
The new Copa was pulsing sexy Latin vibes with Alberto Santiago
Late last night, Las Puerto Rican
Guapas (all bronzed and big-assed-beautiful all
Dressed like whipped-cream child brides, the softer half of a perfect banana creammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Cafe Couple on Her high-summer’s spun-sugar melting night)
Tight spiked in blood-wedding red heals and hematite spandex
Warrior-queen shield-dresses, that shield little wherefore
All is good. Guapas & Guapos spinning effortlessly
Like a cool tropic breeze spins on a pink-stucco vine-lined Vieques vierno
Patio, arched gold dolphin weathervanes encircling the sky-turquoise
Heart-shape swoony moon-reflecting sexy swimming pool.
Moonglow eyes, skies above white pearl smiles and licking-lips
Velvet Black Russians and/or fire hot bronze Barbados rum. From
Intoxicated papaya plump Latina
Blow-kisses (mmmmmmmwaw), bubble pink, peachy, cocoa sweet
siempre kisses ~~~
(Kisses (forever young))…
O Won’t you stay forever young (bob dylan back then when he was young, for his kids)

Made it home before
The Flood? This time. too jazzed
To sleep, Sex in the City
My soul to keep.

Tomorrow morning. August 14th - morning pages wrap up
Grand to wake up in the temple peace lilac sage vibration all
My impassioning Tarot cards, magic crystals (newly included kunzite and morganite golden pink islands of divine love) and of course the other vibrational essences which inspire to inspire:
Blueberry Pollen (Alaskan flower pollen, prosperity consciousness); Blackberry (FES, the physical manifestation essence): Desert Lily (FES Research, the cool inner feminine juices which remedy the hot summer dryness); Pretty Face (FES, perception of inner and outer beauty): California Peony (FES Range of Light, vitality, celebration of life); Kunzite (Alaskan gem elixir, higher love); Scolecite (Pegasus gem elixir, inner peace, sushumna): New Attitudes (Pacific Essences, as desired); DhanaLaxmi (cherrie seed’s Laxmi essences, www.healingforharmony from India, SUSTAINING, as in Laxmi the perfectly-matched lotus-riding consort of Vishnu, Preserver of the Universe)
And too the holy lingam of my pink rabbit standing tall, proud, satisfied amidst my other morning gems.
A new incarnation of “my club”, me with no hangover.
Hail Isis, thank you for your guidance, inspiration, magic candles, chants -
New Attitudes, The Mystery The Thunderous Morning
This joyful Ides of August.
The bee turns twenty-one. Months. A Buzz.

~~~ I am newborn again
With loving passion, compassion and perception of the immeasurable beauty of Creation ~~

Cherry 8/11

Photo in Central Park by Linda Cohen